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10+ Work Order Template

What Does Work Order Template Can Do To You? Download It For Free Here

What Is A Work Order?

A work order is a common thing in the business that a customer requests specific services or products to the company or business. Typically they write their order on the form that includes details such as bill-to, ship-to, request date, customer’s name, payment terms, expected delivery, job description, delivery method, unit price, applicable taxes, subtotal, authorized signature, and the total cost. Besides, the work order also includes the quantity part of the item number. To ease your job, you can use the work order template for free on our page.

Work Order Word templates

What Is The Difference Between Work Order and Invoice?

Even though the component of the work order is almost similar to the invoice, these two documents are different. The invoice is basically a bill you send to the customer to request payment for products or services they will buy. For the seller, this is also known as the sales invoice, meanwhile, the person who makes the purchase call it purchases invoice. In the invoice, there are some additional details such as deposit paid, discounts, due date, and even charges.

Bio Medical Work Order templates

How Is The Work Order Process?

Some companies will ask the customers to send the work order through email or fax, or even though call. Once the order has been finished, then the company will resend the buyer copy as the confirmation. Besides, they also include the invoice with it. If there are changes in the modification, then the invoice should reflect the modifications and the original work order should be changed to match it with the invoice.

How To Make A Work Order?

If you are running a small business, you can use software to print out your work order and invoice, or you can use our work order template which is easier and cheaper. It is free. You can send the work order file to the customer and let them fill in the order the details. After you receive the work order, you can simply do the request and then send this document back along with the invoice.

Data Recovery Work Order templates

How Does The Work Order Help Your Business?

Making a work order sound tricky and daunting because you add more document in your file which might be very confusing at first. However, such a document is required especially if you want to run a professional business, a work order is a must. This will be a document you will use in the future along with the invoice, that acts as the proof about the order made by the customer. Besides, you will avoid unnecessary dispute in the future. Sometimes customer never wants to reclaim their original order and they think it has mistakes. So, this document will help you a lot. Of course, after both parties have signed the document. This will directly bind both parties.

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Using a work order template can save you from many things including gives you some benefits as follow:

  • Giving information about the quality of products or service need to get done, so you can see the stock you have in the warehouse. Or if it is a service, you can see how many slots are available.
  • You can make sure your material stock to make the product.
  • You can check how many teams you have to handle the task.
  • You can make sure whether your machine will be able to do the service or not.

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