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4+ Wedding Planner Contract

Free Download Wedding Planner Contract for A Professional Business

Wedding organizer business is a promising field! However, it needs a careful plan especially when we talk about wedding planner contract. This is very crucial!

Detailed Wedding Planning Contract templates

If you are running a business that focuses on the wedding party planning, we give you some quick tips on how to handle this more professionally especially when dealing with a client. Let’s begin with the contract because this is the standard aspect you need to fulfill. In this page, we have so many templates you can get in many formats. You can use them like the idea of making your own agreement with the clients. We hope these tips and contract planner can help you run it smoothly.

How To Make A Professional Wedding Contract?

Figure Out What The Couple Want

The first thing you need to do if you are planning to make an ironclad wedding contract is understanding your clients. Figure out what they want so you both have the same expectation. If you think it is necessary, you need to clearly explain what they want in the contract. Don’t just write a general phrase like “all logistics” because this varies. Mentions all details, for example, six white swans in the pool when the guests are walking in. Always ask their concept of the wedding.

Identify Each Party

This is crucial when it comes to a contract. You have to identify each party and write it on the agreement. Write down all of the information such as the names of each couple, wedding planner, contact information to all parties and others so the contract will be valid.

Mention the Scope of Your Services

Many contracts cannot bind because it is too general and the wedding planner fail to meet the client’s expectation. So, you have to be clear on the scope of your service such as asking about the wedding theme and style they want. Mention details such as selecting a caterer, booking the venue, equipment will be expected and looking for vendors to fulfill what you need.

Mention things such as the exact timeline they can consult with you in a week or performing any task as a part of the wedding concept. For example, you can determine how many hours your client can consult with you. This is so crucial even though sounds simple as this will affect your service schedule. You cannot just finish and give the 100% service to your clients the whole time. What we meant here is scaling up. How you can maximize your time in a week not only just focusing on one client.

Payment Method

Specify the payment method. Most clients avoid being tricked because it is huge money spending. You need to determine the compensation per task for the whole package. You write a rule of deposit and they can complete the payment once the project has done. But makes sure you will not use your own money for handling the project. Make sure the payment contract already cover the expense.Wedding Day Planner Contract Wedding Planner Contract Agreement Wedding Planner Contract Terms and Conditions

In short, writing a contract is necessary and you have to make it details, binding and easy to understand. You can download our wedding planner contract for free on this page.

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