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7+ Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template

Free Download Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template (PDF, Word, and Excel)

Whether you are planning to buy a new car or doing maintenance, make sure you have the inspection checklist. This is highly recommended for people who are new to a vehicle that you have to inspect the specification from the interior to exterior. People often ignore the performance and are fooled by the appearance. Therefore, the vehicle inspection checklist template will help you inspect the interior, exterior, engine, tire, frame, suspension, automatic transmission and so on.

driver vehicle inspection71

Our vehicle inspection checklist templates are free to download. This checklist provides complete details from the driver’s name, trailer, odometer, vehicle number, and others. This form has to be filled by the driver in the purpose of vehicle inspection.

Our template is suitable for any kind of vehicle inspection checklist whether this is a replica or original model. Even, our template provides the owner details from home address, the name of the vehicle, club membership, email, chassis no, model, engine no, body type, manufacturer, color and other important stuff. There is also a checklist for tires, wheels, suspension seats, reflectors, exhaust, body, engine, driveline, fuel system, signals, glazing, road test and many more. We also provide a daily checklist for your car maintenance.

We make sure that our template covers all the most important factor for car inspection. The details even consist of mileage in and -out, customer name, VIN, model, year and the incoming inspection. There is also a note section before and after buying. You can write down the condition of the vehicle.

What Is The Purpose of Vehicle Inspection Checklist

On purchasing, maintenance and safety, the vehicle inspection checklist template is very important. You can give more concern to your vehicle about the problem and what should be included. As the vehicle is a lifetime investment that needs to be maintained, the vehicle checklist will give you any data about the current condition.

honda qv

When Do I Need The Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template?

The template is definitely your must-have item whether you want to purchase a car or do some maintenance. Before you buy the new car, the template will help you break down what needs to be a concern especially in terms of performance. So, the mechanic here is the most crucial thing before you decide to purchase it. For maintaining the vehicle, this will give you important notes so you can decide what you should do next. It is possible also that you will need to buy certain equipment to fix your car.

pre purchase car inspection check list

How To Write Vehicle Inspection Checklist

To start the inspection, you can download our vehicle inspection checklist template and write down every detail there. It is also print-ready so you don’t have to edit some parts. Or, if you want, our template is customizable.

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Our concern here is to make sure you get the perfect models for your car before purchasing. After all, it is not enough to only read the review on the internet. Some people do this for the purpose. You need to go through the real inspection to make sure that the car is worthy of your money.

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