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7+ Triple Net Lease Form Template

Free Download Customizable Triple Net Lease Form

What Is A Tripple Net Lease?

A triple net lease is an agreement for the lessee that the individual will be responsible for the real estate taxes, property, maintenance, insurance, and other rent utilities. Typically, there is three major expense which can be placed in three categories which are property taxes, maintenance, and building insurance. You can use the triple net lease form on our page for free so you won’t waste your time.

triple net lease form

In real estate, a gross lease is commonly used by the landlord. A certain amount will be paid for rent (pre-determined) and the remaining three categories we have listed above will be the landlord’s responsibility.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the net lease, there is one more expense that will be the tenant’s responsibility. This single net is the property taxes that the tenants should pay. Furthermore, the double net lease means the taxes as well as the insurance. Lastly, the triple net lease means all the expenses will be the tenant’s burden.

What Are The Characteristic Of Triple Net Lease?

Many landlords and investors love the triple net lease form because it is easier for them to predict the income. It is because of the fluctuation of the insurance and property taxes are high. It is usually not their favor. Besides, maintenance will be so costly so they leave it for the tenant responsibility. This needs a huge repair in a long time and sometimes it even requires new units.

triple net real property lease form to

If the landlords and investors pass this responsibility to the tenants, then this will be easier for them to predict the income monthly or yearly. However, such terms are usually set for the long period so the landlord and tenants won’t be worried about the renewals as well as the negotiation too.

What Are The Benefit of Triple Net Lease Form

There are some benefits of triple net lease form for the tenants. The first, tenants will have the property rental price lower because the landlord leaves the three expenses from maintenance, insurance, and taxes to the tenants. It is much cheaper compared to the standard lease. Later, the landlord will help the tenant estimate insurance, taxes, and maintenance.

Besides, with the triple net lease, the tenant has more freedom with the property structure. He or she can customize the space without worries. Besides, tenants can pay less as the expenses will be their responsibilities. It is also negotiable with a long term agreement, usually from 10-25 years.

However, with such easiness and flexibilities for the tenants, this type of lease net will be prone to fraud. Sometimes it can be disastrous to both parties especially if the lessee skimping due to the high cost of the insurance and other expenses. Therefore, a good consideration should be done wisely.

commercial triple net lease sample triple net lease form Triple Net Lease Form DOC triple net lease form example triple net lease form printable

For quick learning about the triple net lease form, you can download our sample as well as customize it based on your need. You can download it for free.

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