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20+ Travel brochure Template: Significance, Benefits, Tips, and Tricks

Are you working on a travel agency as the marketing? The company must demand you to be professional in all conditions and expert to appeal the customers. Using a brochure to promote your service is right. Consequently, learn and master the travel brochure template right now.  A good brochure will tempt a lot of hearts faster. Moreover, it is very readable and they understand the content only with see at glance. On the other hands, there a travel guide brochure template from the tourist object itself. It is suitable for the people who work on the spot.

green and white travel trifold brochure

The Significances and the benefits of using the Travel Brochure Template

The travel brochure template contains detail destination information for the users. Indeed, it quite important for you if you want to visit a new tourist attraction. Is it only for the traveler? Clearly, there are 4 reasons why the brochure has a significant role for the users:

  1. Becomes the most effective media to promote their travel agent to sell their travel package.
  2. The travelers are able to attract to the destination directly. It is because the brochure contains images, air view, and the short information.
  3. The travel brochure also informs about the budget of the location, accommodation, all about the destination. So, they can use it to compare and get the right destination which suitable to their budget.
  4. It also helps them to know when they have to visit the place. Usually, the brochure adds about the best time to visit a certain destination.

green grayscale map travel tri fold brochure

Meanwhile, here are the benefits of using the template:

  • It is available on the internet and downloadable easily. So, it is ready to use as soon as possible.
  • Some websites provide it along with the company’s icon and information in the tidy layout.
  • You can create a fantastic travel brochure only with changing the logo of the company and the destination.
  • Most websites provide it free downloadable brochure.
  • The online template is more save time so that you can minimize your production fees.

How to design your Travel Brochure in Words

In this session, there are tips and tricks to arrange your travel brochure template. Well, let’s start with the 5 tips to realize your brochure:

  1. Analyze what types of the brochure later before you make a decision.
  2. Survive to only use two types of fonts so as not to damage the readability.
  3. Make an informative and elegant brochure with putting the company logo in the right place. Think about the right place for the destination information too.
  4. Use colors, patterns, and themes that attract the eye’s attention but it keeps in the simplicity.
  5. Choose the websites that providing free creative photos to increase the nuance and the display of the travel brochure.

By the way, those are some tips to design the brochure in Words. Now, it is the ways to make the brochure:

  1. Select Word in 2010 if you prefer like to make it manually.
  2. Insert the images and text manually on the template from the website.
  3. Open your Word document, measure the size, and also the margin.
  4. Select portrait or landscape orientation.
  5. Add the grid lines and the text.
  6. Decide the size of the text box and the boundaries.
  7. Insert the image which you download from the website.
  8. Choose the stunning images and the charming text.
  9. Save it in words.

green nordic travel brochure grey modern photos travel trifold brochure light blue and white beach photo travel trifold brochure modern geometrical photos travel brochure navy blue and beige nature travel trifold brochure navy blue and orange photo travel trifold brochure new york travel brochure orange city guide travel brochure orange tropical travel brochure photo of falls travel brochure black and yellow dotted travel trifold brochure blue and white mountain travel trifold brochure blue beach photo travel trifold brochure blue brown mountains landscape travel trifold brochure blue mountain travel trifold brochure blue photo travel trifold brochure colorful travel agency brochure cream and black places travel trifold brochure

From the tips and the tricks above, you can result in the professional travel brochure. They will never expect that your travel brochure template is free and easy to make.

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