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6+ Temporary Guardianship Form Template

Free Download Temporary Guardianship Form

What Is A Temporary Guardianship Form?

A temporary guardianship form is an agreement that grants physical custody for a minor child the guardian for a limited time. You can use this form and give it to the guardian when you are away from your kids so you are unable to take care of them. However, custody and guardianship are two different things so it has different obligations and rights.

temporary guardianship form

Temporary Guardian

The temporary guardian will not terminate the parents’ right for the child, but during the guardianship, the temporary guardian will act as based on parents’ authority including certain action in medical treatment.


The custody is decided by the law which can be a parent, person or relative. This is usually decided during the divorce process. However, some states try to mediate the dispute between the parents in case they find any evidence that the child is mistreated.

What Are The Rights Of Legal Custodians

The legal custodians will be allowed to have the parents’ right over the kids and they can make an important decision the same way like the temporary custodian. Meanwhile, the temporary guardianship is only applied for a short time while the parents are not able to take care of the kids.

temporary guardianship form example

How To Arrange Temporary Guardianship?

First of all, you can download our free temporary guardianship form and then start to write down the details of the agreement. But, before you decide who the guardians of the kid are, it is important to pay attention to some tips below:

Make Sure The Guardian Agrees To Act In The Best Interest

Your chosen temporary guardians should have a willingness to act in the best in fulfilling the needs of the kids. This includes the willingness to decide an important decision when your kids need emergency help such as surgery. The temporary guardian should pick a hospital that offers the best facilities and cares for the kids instead of choosing the nearest hospital because of distance convenience.

Duties of Care

Before choosing the guardian for your kids, discuss also the responsibilities over the kids. This includes the duties of care, understanding the kid’s health condition such as allergies, symptoms and times for doing a checkup.

Not all people understand and have the willingness to deal with such complicatedness. This is also for your kid’s safety and health during your absence.

Living Arrangements

A living arrangement also matters to discuss. Your guardian might need to bring your kids with him/her house to ease them take care of the kids.

temporary guardianship form printable temporary guardianship form sample temporary guardianship form sample temporary guardianship authorization form

Somehow, picking a child’s guardians can be a personal thing because you can have a choice that you will pick the relatives to take care of your kids while you are away. Or, you also can choose your friend to be the temporary guardian and you just can say it right away. However, sometimes there are times these guardians need to take important decisions such as school enrollment, health and many more. Keep in mind to discuss it first before signing an agreement.

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