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18+ Table of Contents and 4 DIY Steps with a Professional Result

8 Types of the Table of Contents and 4 DIY Steps with a Professional Result

Designing the table of contents is the last step after you finish the content. This list of the chapter always emerges on book, magazine, thesis, and the rest. The function is as the information about the content of the book and shows the location of the chapter. So, you or the readers can find the page of the subject that you need. On this day, you will learn the features of the table of contents template. Due to the page is on the front page, it must be informative and easy reading.

Table Of Content Doc Format templates

The Features for the Table of Contents

The table of contents has many formats according to the kind of work. Here are 8 features or templates of the list of content that you should know:

  1. Blank template: It consists of three columns for the date, topic, and page.
  2. Booklist of contents: Usually, it consists of the main chapter and some sub-chapters.
  3. Business Plan list of contents: You may create it according to your desire such as in zig-zag shape.
  4. Generic template: The type is quite unique but tidy with some tables for the chapters.
  5. Thesis list of the content template: It appears very tidy where it almost similar to the book format.
  6. Document list of the template: The form is simple only with the numbering or bullet.
  7. Dissertation and Thesis template: It looks more complicated.
  8. Magazine list of contents

Doc Format Honours Thesis Table Of Content templates

Well, those are the features or the types of the table of contents. Next, you have to know the format of the list of contents:

  • File format
  • Simple Words format
  • PDF format
  • Professional list of contents

At least, there are 8 styles and 4 formats for the list of content. You can find examples of those templates on the internet. Quite search and then download it free according to the instruction of the websites. Commonly, you will find the websites that let you edit it too. When you really finish your work, try to download the blank template design. Then, start to create your list of content.

How to create the List of Content fast in Word

You only need some steps to make the list of contents faster. It starts at:

  1. Click on any area in your Word space.
  2. Click Insert of the menu.
  3. Find the Reference.
  4. Choose the Index and Tables. Then, it will appear a dialog box.
  5. Click the table or list of content

Next, there is a print preview on the left and you can use it to see the result. Fix it with the page number has been suitable to the location of the chapter or topic. So, the reader will not feel cheated on the list of content.

Table OF Content Doc Format templates 1 Creating A Table Of Content Quickly In Word Doc Format Table Of Content templates Magazine Table of Contents Page templates Professional Table of Contents templates Research Grant Table Of Content Doc Format templates Sample Table of Contents Format Simple Table of Contents templates in Word Simple Table of Contents templates in Word1 Simple Word Format Table of Contents Skid Table of Contents Table Of Content Doc Format templates 2 Table of Contents templates Word 2010 Thesis Dissertation Table Of Content Doc Format templates Untitled7 Word Foramt Apa Table of Contents templates Word Table of Contents Example

Well, have you understood the table of contents and how to create it? Definitely, making the list of contents online with the websites is easier and fast. Usually, the websites will give you the instruction to make it alone. Sometimes, you just edit it and then download the result. Okay, thanks so much for the reading of the information and certainly it is very useful for you. So, share it!

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