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8+ Submittal Transmittal Form Template

Free Download Submittal Transmittal Form

What Is A Submittal Transmittal Form?

The submittal transmittal forms are documents used in the real estate field. However, submittal and transmittal are two different things. The transmittal document is used when something such as material is transmitted to a party. Meanwhile, the submittal is a form that functions as a tool to consider something or take a decision. In short, it is used to review something.

Project Submittal Transmittal Form

What Are The Differences Between Transmittal and Submittal Forms?

Submittal – The submittal document should accompany something that is being sent, such as plans, sample materials, etc. This type of document usually needs a response from a recipient so it is important to track if the response has been delivered. Besides, the submittal documents must be provided by other parties and it leads to some actions followed by the recipient.

Transmittals – In the other hand, transmittal is the approval of the submittal. Usually, it is stamped and when it has been done, there is no more waiting for a response.

Note that the submittal form is used at the preliminary stage which is submitted for revisions. Meanwhile, the transmittal forms are delivered as the record or documentation required, such as CAD drawings. It is also open for revision and collaboration.

Contractor Transmittal Forms

This contractor transmittal forms sometimes can be different which depends on the service and materials supplied. It needs to get approved by the contractor and senior. Besides, each project has different transmittal and submittal forms.

Construction Submittal Transmittal Form

Usually, the submittal transmittal forms are used by architects, engineers, and professionals. This form contains project details of material that are transferred. It must have all the details from the number of equipment and the descriptions of the materials. The variation should use code and the reference document should be mentioned.

Subcontractor Transmittal Forms

The subcontractor transmittal form should include drawings details for each project which contains the project specification. Besides, this also includes the model and size too.

Sample Submittal Transmittal Form

What Are The Purpose of Submittal And Transmittal Forms?

Remember that Submittal and Transmittal forms are two different things in the construction business. If you are a person who is working as the contractor, architect, engineer and designer, this form is definitely a must. You need those form and one of them is used as the approval. Besides, these forms will help you keep the material records that are delivered by you.

The transmittal form is preserved and controlled by the administrator or document controller which this person is handling the stamp and submitting another approval related to the project.

How To Write A Submittal Transmittal Form?

  • You need to mention the details
  • Write the project name and also the title of your material you are submitting
  • Code each element in the transmittal
  • Consider the column and a written statement

Subcontractor Submittal Transmittal Form Submittal Material Transmittal Form Application Transmittal Form for Submittal Construction Submittal Transmittal Form Contractor Submittal Transmittal Form Equipment Submittal Transmittal Form

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