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6+ Store Receipt Template

Create a receipt is important to every company in this world. There is some standard that should manage every purchased activity at the store. You must wonder what the use of store receipts that you often found in every specific store is. However, there is a different standard for every receipt in this world based on the field. The information below will tell you everything that you need to know about the receipt.

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What is Store Receipt?

Before you go further to know everything about the receipt that you should have on your store. You should know what the receipt is and the use or benefits of it. The receipt from your store would have different use from another receipt. For example, your store and the receipt are one of the standards to bring better information to your customer. There will be a checking process after a specific purchase.

Put Your Company Logo on the Receipt

There is something that you should not forget to add to your receipt. Add your company logo is important to make sure if your customer can acknowledge your company. It is one of your company identities and professionalism to show to your customers. You need to add your company name, number, and address. Once you forget to add this information, there will be a customer who feels dissatisfy.

Name of Company and Other Details

Sometimes, people underestimate this information once they create a receipt. However, this is one of the essential factors to add. You must have a customer who comes from a different background. For instance, a chef is coming to your store and would like to purchase an item from your store. It is one of the best information to provide for their boss regarding what they already purchased.

Date and Times

Every receipt should have better details to provide for everyone who is coming. That is why you need to add the date and times information inside of the revenue. Once there is a mistake, it means your company cannot work with a professional. It is a good image for your company to bring better trust and customer satisfaction.

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Item Details and price

Do not forget to make sure if you already add the item detail and price inside of the receipt. There should be a specific name of items that every customer tries to buy from your company. Make sure if you already include the price per item. Create the best information is not hard as long as you already know the details.

Total Price and Payment Information

You can ask every customer for the payment information details. There is a lot of payment method which every customer can have from your store. Do not forget to add the total price at the end of the receipt. Including the signature, if they are paying with credit.

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Through better receipt, everyone will understand everything that they need to know after they finish to shop. There is a standard to create a better receipt for your company. Once you can understand all of the information above, everything will be manageable and easy to combine. With better readability on your store receipt, the customer would have better satisfaction and would like to come again.

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