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6+ Status Report Template Design for Individual and Team Necessaries

Stunning Status Report Template Design for Individual and Team Necessaries

Who says that the status report is not important? In fact, you have to prepare the status report template each week and submit it to the authorized person. Each company needs the report to know the latest status of the current activity. Due to the essential role, many people do not suggest you use Ms. Word without the online template. It is because status report template in Word without aid will be so long. Meanwhile, the template from the internet not only promises to finish fast but also many samples.

Project Status Report 1

Aspects make you attractive to choose the Online Status Report Template

One of the aspects had emerged above where the utilization of Word is less effective. There are many reasons to strengthen the statement that the status report template is better. It is such as:

  1. You do not need to make the status report from the beginning.
  2. Adjustable for any business.
  3. It is suitable for team and individual.
  4. Quite insert data.
  5. Provide the frames.
  6. To show your project status.
  7. It is free (sometimes)

12 Status Report Design Ideas to fulfill all of your Business

Just enjoy 12 status report template designs below before you start it. After this, you are going to be sure to make the report both for personal or teamwork. Okay, see below:

  1. Status Report for Demand

It is editable, customizable, many formats, business format standard, US letter size, and A4 paper.

  1. Project Status Report

You could get the template for your project status report for Words format.

  1. Weekly Status Report

Do not skip it in your file because you need it every week.

  1. Editable Template for Monthly Status Report

It is what most people like and need because the editable system is to help them so much.

  1. Printable Status Report for Training

Here, you not only enjoy the easiness from the editing but also you could print it directly.

  1. Project Management Report

Such as the name, the template will focus on the management of the project.

  1. Exclusive Status Report

This template is present simply and does not look bland. There are a few interesting colors to highlight important categories of reports.

  1. Status Report for a team member

The function of this template is to document the work status of certain project team members separately. Reports include tasks that have been completed to those that are ongoing. Meet a neat document view of the information in small boxes.

  1. Downloadable Project Status Report

It is a weekly template that you could download in PDF format. All users can have it. This template is suitable for creative people with a soul full of beauty. This is because this is a colorful document. In addition, you can find instructions to fill in the parts inside.

  1. Weekly Project Status File

The file is downloadable in PDF.

  1. Overall Project File

It is a template in PDF format to document your project status overall.

  1. Update Status Report

The last template is suitable to update your weekly status report.

Team Member Status Report templates Weekly Project Status Report Weekly Status Update Executive Status Report templates Overall Project Status Report

Truthfully, the status report template is not only for business. All fields such as education, law, medical, and others could use it. Even, they must need it for the smooth operation of their operating system.

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