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8+ Sports Physical Form Template

Free Download Sports Physical Form For Kids and Adults

What Is A Sports Physical?

A sports physical means getting a pre-participation physical examination known as the PPE. This procedure helps to determine whether the individual is able to do the port safely. Besides, anyone who is new to the exercise routine has to consult it with healthcare. This is why sports physical has more things to do.

Sports Physical Examination Form

Underline that the sports physical is not annual checkup because this focuses on the health history that might give impact to the child’s or someone’s ability to join sports. However, it is important to schedule a separate checkup for your kids just in case it is required before joining a sport.

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What Happens During The Sports Physical?

For example, it is for basketball game which has four quarters. The first session is checking the vital part of the individual such as pulse and blood pressure. This also includes the height and weight, weight changes and growth. Some aspects such as stress on muscles, bones, and joints should be tested too.

Sports Physical Form Format

The second part will be the eye exam to see whether the eyes are working properly. If the eyes don’t work as expected, then the athlete needs to use lenses which will be prescribed.

For the third quarter will be medical history. The information to see here is the recent conditions, surgeries, illness, chest pain, allergies, asthma, and many more. This will help the health care provider to identify problems so the complication can be prevented.

Next, the last part is the fitness check. The physical exam needs to be conducted are lungs, heart, and abdomen to make sure the individual doesn’t have the physical limitation, for example, uncontrolled asthma. Certain conditions such as hernia and surgeries can affect performance. In this session, the condition of the joints and its flexibility will also be tested. It is important to check the flexibility, joints, posture, and strength to the potential injuries can be identified.

Who Needs The Sports Physical Forms?

Most states require athletes and students to get sports physical before joining certain sports. However, recreation sports sometimes require this procedure to see if they are eligible or not. Usually, kids are sent to home with this sports physical forms.

Standard Sports Physical Form

Do Adults Need The Forms?

Yes! Even though adults are typically not participating in certain ports (in case they are an athlete), but sometimes it is still required for certain things like recreational sport. It is highly recommended.

Then, where do you get the sports physical? You can get it through an urgent care center and then check the schedules.

Youth Sports Physical Form Athletic Physical Examination Form College Sports Physical Form High School Sports Physical Form Sports Physical Exam Form

That’s all our quick guide about sports physical. Keep in mind to do this especially your kids before enrolling them to the certain sport activity. We never know what kind of potential damage we will face, so it is better to get prepared.

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