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16+ SOP Template

Free Download SOP Template a.k.a Standard Operating Procedure

What Is SOP a.k.a Standard Operating Procedure?

An SOP or Standard Operating Procedure is a wirtten document that explains sets of complicated procedures to help the employee carrying out the work routines. This is purposed to achieve efficiency uniformity and quality output. Usually, the SOP is prefered to be a flow chart because it is esier to understand especially for new employees.

Software SOP templates

We provide SOP template on this page completed with the description forms, annexure and so on.  Some templates come in tabular information and bring details like date and signature. So, now you don’t need to buy any software to make your own SOP document because all of them are provided on this page. We also included the history of amandements in tabular form.

We also provide SOP template for laboratories which is designed by professionals (lab professionals). A number of information and details are available on this templates. You will also find scope in the template which is necessarily needed to be filled.

What Are The Component of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Template?

When it comes to template, the SOP document should provide header, body and also footer. In the body, there will be the following elements:

  • Purpose – Mention a quick history or the background information. This is important to describe guidelines, process and why the SOP is needed.
  • Introduction – This mentions the general introduction and also the rationale.
  • Scope – Emphasize the context and area that needs to be included in the SOP. If there are some parts that don’t need SOP, mention it clearly.
  • Prerequisite – Before listing the procedure, you need to outline the information needed.
  • Definition – Any acronym and other terms should be provided additional information so the reader will understand the SOP well.
  • Responsibilities – Make summary of the roles of SOP and also the holders responsibility.
  • Specific Procedure – You will find the required steps in this form that you need to fill to make a clear description so the procedure you make can be implemented easily without supervision.
  • Reference – The reference incuded in the SOP can be internal and external.

What Are The Types of SOP?

  • Standard Operating Procedure for Quality Assurance
  • Standard Operating Procedure for receiving and registration
  • Standard Operating Procedure for preagents preparation
  • Standard Operating Procedure complaints management and archiving
  • Standard Operating Procedure for operating instrument aparatus

Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that Standard Operating Procedure a.k.a SOP is made to make the employee and staff have the same function and quality for both products and service. Even though there are some types of Standard Operating Procedure, but the main components are standard and the same. Some different part can be edited based on the department need.

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Our templates are available for free. You can visit this page as you want and hit the download button to make your own SOP. No need to sign up!

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