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Soap Note Example

Free Download Soap Note Example and How To Write It Properly

The SOAP note is a documentation method by health care to record the patients’ health details. The term SOAP stands for the Subjective, Objective, Assesment and Plan. Usually, the SOAP note is used with the medical histories, progress note, admission note, and other needed documents.

The bellow SOAP note example will give you the best format in recording the patients’ detail in a systematic order. The format we provide also allows you to edit the document as you need.

Why The SOAP Note Is Crucial?

The SOAP note is the standardization of documenting patient’s information. This is not only to avoid subjective report and to turn the description into the measurable document but also help the health care understand the patients’ problem accurately. Due to its systematic way of reporting, and a clear report, the doctors and other health care can conclude the finding from the observation, lab result and also patients’ view.

How To Write the SOAP Note?

There are four pillars you should underline when taking the patient’s report. Just like the abbreviation of a SOAP note, there are four things to stick with.

  • Subjective – This reports the patient’s view of their condition in a narrative form.
  • Objective – This documents the objective of the observation and it reports the information as well as the measurable factors.
  • Assessment – This assesses the conditions through diagnosis as well as writing the opinions of the professionals.
  • Plan – It draws the plan that should be done after certain observation and diagnosis. This mentions about what they need to do to treat the patients. In this case, revisions might be needed depending on the patient’s response.

Tips On Writing The SOAP Notes

With the four steps, it is difficult to write effective notes. Especially when you should consider the narrative session from the patients. Summarize it would be very tricky. Besides looking at the SOAP note template we provide, some tips below are good to consider.

  • You need to follow the format in our SOAP note template beginning from the subjective session, followed by the objective, assessment and then plan.
  • Make sure your note is simple and take the essence only and this should describe the patient’s condition too.
  • Write the note in a well-organized manner so the health care can read what is inside the document so they can decide what kind of treatments need to be conducted.
  • Keep in mind to write relevant information.
  • Use the medical jargon or terms that are familiar.

Things To Avoid When Writing SOAP Notes

  • You don’t need to create long and exaggerated notes
  • Avoid making too many goals and objectives
  • Avoid using jargon and terms that are not familiar in the medical industry
  • Avoid writing vague information and unrelated to the SOAP note guide.

Sample Soap Note Example

Our SOAP note templates provide a list of health documenting in well-orders. So, for someone who is new to this activity, you can follow our template. Even you can customize it based on your organization need. Keep practicing in making effective note!

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