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9+ Simple Will Form Template

Free Download Simple Will Form You Should Have Before Your Demise

Death is a serious matter. No one talks about the sudden death that will happen to anybody in this world. The least expected demise often leads to chaos after that which the person still has some issues to finish as well as the other stuff such as assets distribution. Due to this reason, it is important to be prepared even with the simple will form.

Simple Will Form

What Is A Simple Will Form?

A simple will form is a document which will detail your wishes regarding the asset distribution. This document will mention the executor or the person who will be in charge of handling this matter. Besides, this document can also be used to point the guardian for children as well as point someone who will handle the financial affair.

Is The Simple Will Really Good?

The simple will form can be the right choice when it is related to the following considerations:

  • The person is under 50 and has good health.
  • The person has a small estate which is the value is exempted from the taxes.

So, if you are on those two major conditions, you are able to use the simple will document.

What Is The Difference Between Complex Will and Simple Will?

A simple will cannot be used if the estate will be subjected to estate taxes after your death. You will need a more comprehensive plan. In this situation, you will have to consult with the attorney so you can discuss a more complex draft will. This type of document is more-in-depth because contains complicated provisions.

Standard Will Form

Below are some conditions that require a complicated will form.

  • If you want to distribute your assets to the special needs, future generations, children previous marriage, etc.
  • If you think there will be a possibility of your will to be contested.
  • If you have a business.
  • If you want to accumulate the assets significantly.

How To Make A Simple Will?

The best part of making a simple will form is this is not complicated. In fact, you can prepare your document in minutes with our online form. Some of the forms are available in “fill-in-the-blanks” so you don’t have to spend more time to complete the document, but you still can make it legal.

Still, you might need to consult your document with your attorney so you can make sure all of your items have been covered in the document. Besides, the most important part is making sure that your document is recorded so the people will follow the direction once you have died.

Our sample will form contain spaces for the name of the people whom you want to put as beneficiaries. The assets columns are also available which this will ease you outlining the details of your assets where it will be distributed after your demise.

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Furthermore, the simple will be valid and accepted if it meets the following condition:

  • It must be made by your own handwriting, print or typewritten
  • The signature must be affixed on the document
  • There must be at least two witnesses who also sign the documents which they acknowledge your document.

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