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9+ Simple Budget Spreadsheet Template

Knowing your personal expenses is also important. You need to do it regularly to be able to find out whether your expenses are in accordance with income or greater. This budgeting can also be useful to find out anything that is not important and can cost money. When these vain activities are eliminated, you can use them to save.

Sample Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

This Simple Budget Spreadsheet that you create can also be useful for calculating company expenses when you work as an accountant or financial. The worksheet will be useful to understand how far the company has succeeded in developing forward and making a profit. This can be useful for companies to pay off all debt and liquidity.

What is Simple Budget Spreadsheet?

You still wonder about what is a simple budget spreadsheet. This worksheet contains expenses and also the financial condition that has just passed and now. You can display data using graphics or data in the form of numbers and percentages. You also need to group the types of expenses available.

Sample My Budget Spreadsheet Template Free

For example, savings, emergency funds, funds to pay off debts, and other categories. Next, you also need to calculate the total expenditure funds. When there are weird and unnecessary expenses, then next time you need to avoid that. You will be able to track how far you will be able to save using this method.

Several Types of Simple Budget Spreadsheet

There are many types of simple budget worksheets that you can download from the internet. You can also choose the format of the worksheet according to the software on your computer. Several types of worksheets can be seen below.

1. Simple Budget Spreadsheet for Personal

You need to calculate your personal expenses once a month. Make sure you still keep all your expense notes regularly. This worksheet contains income, total expenses, total savings, emergency funds, Debt Payoff, etc.

2. Family Budget Spreadsheet

If you are a mother, then it never hurts to make financial reports or family expenses regularly. This can be very useful for future financial planning. Someday it could be, you use savings for a vacation to a place with family. This worksheet also has a format that is almost the same as a personal worksheet. If you also work, then you can total income between your income with your husband.

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Now you understand the usefulness of this simple budget spreadsheet. You can apply regularly to be able to find out if there are unnecessary expenses.

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