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16+ Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates

Free Download Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates with Examples

The silent auction bid sheet template is often used for charity. This type of charity is different compared to the other types of the auction in an event. This auction only needs a piece of paper that will be used by the buyers to write the highest price of an item. Besides, the buyers are allowed to see the highest bid so they can estimate the greater amount they can write down.

Registration Silent Auction Bid Sheet

If you need a design of the sheet, this page provides you the best example sheet you can download for free. It comes with the nicest formats and segments. Besides, the templates we have provided here are all customizable. You can add details as you wish. Therefore, now it is so easy to design a bid sheet that you don’t have to spend the precious time on technical details. It is designed by our experts and recommended for professionals who are seeking for this sheet.

Not only the professional look, but our templates also come in the blank sheet with the required segments and format. So, if you are not so sure with the design, we suggest you download the standard format on this page.

How To Make Silent Auction Bid Sheets?

Our silent auction bid sheets are available in handy that is designed for charity and non-profit organizations. These templates enable you to gather information about the donators that their contact details can be used for the next event. The following are the steps on how to make the silent auction bid sheet using our template.

  • First of all, you need to run the Ms. Word (or the other supported application that support our template). Next, open a new document.
  • Now, write down the title and then add details from the logo of the organization, address, contact details of the organization and so on.
  • Divide the sheet into segments from the name, opening, and closing bid, market value, etc.
  • Once you have decided the segments of the sheets, then select “insert and select Table”
  • You will see a dialogue box that you will be asked about the number of columns and rows. Once you have done, click Ok!
  • To have a nice design silent auction bid sheets, make sure you save it so you can use the format for the future need. But if you forget, you still can download some ideas on this page.

Sample Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Why The Silent Auction Bid Sheets Are Important?

The document can be used to record the personal details information about the bidders who are interested in the buying item.

  • To document the starting and ending bid
  • To document the procedures and other details of the auction event.

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Sometimes, it is not easy to hold a silent auction bid because the bidders often become proactive to ask the paper bid sheets. This will ruin the fund and cause a chaotic scene that leads to unsatisfied experience for the donators. This is why the event organizer should not make the donors run laps during the event. You can give them mobile biding so you will not experience such a terrible thing.

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