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3+ Shift Change Checklist Template

People who worked in the office would need to manage their time. As the manager, you need to make sure if everyone is working based on their portion. This means that you need to prepare for the attendance lists and job management with the checklist. Most of the managers would like to use a shift change checklist to make sure if everyone would be able to work based on their time and requirement.

Sample Sample Shift Change Checklist Template

What is the Shift Change Checklist?

Every employee in the office should be ready to follow and obey all the rules and regulations in the office. There must be a lot of unique and different regulations between each company, depending on the agreement. However, most of them required all of the employees not to make a mistake or banning the rule. That is why, with the shift change, everyone can work based on the rule and regulations.

Manager on Duty Information

Once you create the checklist, make sure if you already put everything inside the list. There must be a lot of things that are important to add, including the name or details for the manager on duty information. this is one of the important details to make sure if the shift change document is formally created by the manager. Put the name and ID of the manager above the checklist to show your professionalism.

Sample Editable Shift Change Checklist Template

Date and Time Information

Put the date and time information would be beneficial to minimize any misunderstanding. Sometimes, people forgot to add this information, and they cannot be able to work based on the standard. The manager is responsible for putting the correct date and time information. however, the date and time should be based on the agreement that must be able to control everything correctly.

Department and Employee Details

There must be a lot of people work for your company, and you need to manage all of them. However, each employee separated into several departments. That is why you need to pay attention to the department detail that can help you to manage everything in the office. There should be a number of employee details for each department. Make sure if you do not make any mistakes.

Sample Modern Shift Change Checklist Template

Action or Tasks to be Done

Provide the best information is a must in the office. The manager will need to make sure if there is a specific task to be done for each employee. It would be beneficial to create an effective work environment. Everything will be manageable and easy to control once you can be able to work with the detail. There must be specific timing and details as criteria that should be followed by the employee.

Comments and Review

Preparing a space for comment is important. There must be a review at the end of the day to make sure if the employee can fulfill all of the requirements. It will help all manager to make sure if all project is under control.


Every shift change checklist required you to consider a lot of things. Including to know each employee details with their ID inside the list. You are also required to put all of their tasks to make sure if everything was done at the end of the day. There must be a lot of information to add, and you need to manage everything based on clear information. The lists above can help you to find the best guidance.

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