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8+ Self Performance Review Example

Free Download Self Performance Review Example – It Is Customizable and Professional

Every company arranges certain dates for their employee’s performance review. It is done to get more engagement between the employees and the companies. Most companies also use it to encourage them to have new goals and get more self-reflection to enhance their capability in doing the companies’ work. Besides, it is a smart way to notice how the employee knows his/her job description. So, to know more about it, you can learn it from our self-performance review example.

Performance Communication Process Self Evaluation

What Are The Purpose of Self Performance Reviews?

The are some purpose why a company holds a self-performance review. So of them are as follow:

Employees Regularizations

The self-performance review can be a tool to see how the employee understands their responsibilities in the office. This is important to make sure they will meet the demand of the company.

Performance Appraisal

Each company always has a moment of appraisal. This can vary, from additional bonus until vacation. However, the company should go through a certain process and one of them is through self-performance review. A company can see it from how the employee gives value to the company and how the uplift the image.

Employee’s Self Assessment

Even though the company doesn’t require, employees, to do it, sometimes this kind of thing will be conducted. An individual is allowed to do this to see whether he/she is productive in the office. Besides, doing a self-assessment can help them achieve their goals by knowing some perspective and problems they find. You can also download the self-performance review example individually on this page.

Performance Self Review Tip Sheet

However, before doing such an assessment, it is suggested to have an assessment from the mind to prepare you in answering the questions in this form. Usually, in the self-performance assessment, there will be some points including:

The employee’s strengths

  • The employee’s weaknesses
  • How the employee uses the strength in a work environment
  • How the employee overcome the weaknesses
  • How the employee contributes to the team
  • The examples that explain how an employee consider him/herself as the effective team member
  • How the employee see what he/she is doing. Do they love it?
  • Examples of daily job that the employee has already mastered.

How To Write A Self Performance Review?

As you can see in the self-performance review example, you can do it by considering the following aspects:

  • Always be proud – It is important to highlight the achievement. Always highlight tasks and projects that show your best work.
  • Be honest and also critical – Always be honest and never exaggerating your performance in the office. Besides, being critical here is about pointing certain problems that need to be improved.
  • Always Strive To Grow – It is important to stay hungry and eager to learn new things in the purpose of self-growth.
  • Track the accomplishment – Provide the actual data to when showing the accomplishment.
  • Be professional – Never criticize your co-workers or bash your boss, telling that they make your work difficult.

Performance Self Review Tip Sheet1 Self Evaluation for Performance Review Annual Self Performance Review Example Performance Appraisal Employee Self Review

In short, you can practice writing your self-performance review in our self-performance review example. For you who needs this as the document in the company, you can download it and customize it for free.

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