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10+ Sample Texas Residential Lease Agreement

Free Download Sample Texas Residential Lease Agreement All Formats

When it comes to leasing agreement, an agreement is required to protect both parties; landlord and tenant. The agreement is usually called as the residential lease agreement. This document will explain the contract that allows the landlord to allow someone occupies the space on a monthly basis. We provide you sample texas residential lease agreement which will help you understand what to mention in the contract.

texas standard residential lease agreement

Besides, before accepting a tenant to use the space, a landlord should do some checks such as credit tenant’s history, income, credit history, and rental history. If it is confirmed that the tenant has a good record, then the landlord has no risky to let them use it because the tenant probably will pay it on time.

Our sample texas residential lease agreement can be used as a real contract which will give the authority to the landlords that they can allow the tenant to use to space.

This residential lease template should be used by the member of the Texas association. The details should include the name of the landlord and lessee. Besides, the duration also should be included.

For the Texas Real Estate Commission or TREC only can be used by the licensed real estate brokers. In this case, TREC doesn’t include interest in the agreement.

How To Make A Residential Lease Agreement?

A residential lease agreement should make an agreement that includes the following details:

  • Introduction – The introduction is about the details of both parties which is required to be mentioned clearly.
  • Term – This will discuss the duration from the effective date and the end of the lease each month or a certain period.
  • Rent – It is about the amount of lease that should be paid by the lessee. Usually, the payment should be begun in the early month.
  • Security deposit – This is about the amount that should be paid earlier as the security money. This is used for any damage or loss. However, this fund can be refunded if the landlord didn’t find any loss or damage.
  • Use of premises – Only immediate family members that can be used by tenants.
  • The condition of premises – It is the lessee’s responsibility to keep the premises safe, good and clean.
  • Alternation and improvements – Tenants are not allowed to make any changes and repair if any damage occurs. Even modification is not allowed and it will be the landlord’s responsibility. Therefore, the lessee should keep the condition good to avoid any loss and charge.
  • Insurance – For personal property damage, the landlord has no responsibility. This personal property could be the vehicle. It is 100% else’s responsibility.
  • Animals – There is a certain agreement for both parties whether a tenant is allowed to bring the animal. Or, if it is possible, the number and type of pet can be signed in will be different.
  • Indemnification – The landlord will not take responsibility for any kind of injury or damage happened to the tenants or their relatives or friends.

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