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9+ Sample Teacher Evaluation Form Example Template

Free Download Sample Teacher Evaluation Form Example

An evaluation form is highly needed to evaluate teachers performance from time to time. This also relates to the change of curriculum and teaching method. Besides, a new teacher is required to get the feedback from co-teachers so they could improve the teaching skill and fix the weakness. You can learn from our sample teacher evaluation form example on this page.

school teacher evaluation form

Using a training evaluation template is essential because it is impossible for you to make the same form over and over again. This template is less effort and even you can edit it as you wish. In this page, there are some types of templates you can download for free, which are as follow:

Preschool Teacher Evaluation Form

This template is designed for the teacher who is teaching in Kindergarten. It comes with complete details and parameter such as the name of the teacher or applicant, the current school, social development section, and some scoring section. There is also a space for comments which is very important that the evaluator can write down his/her opinion on it.

simple teacher evaluation form

School Teacher Evaluation

It is just like another evaluation form you can download for free with complete details about teaching aspects. This template, however, is simpler compared to others with some points and a column for scoring. There is a section talking about communication skill, professional responsibilities, and summary for a discussion and feedback.

Printable Teacher Evaluation Form

This template is suitable too to be given to the students after teaching section has finished. The template is divided into two parts which one is given for students and evaluator. You still can edit this template too by converting the file into word. It is easy to do.

Student Evaluation of Teaching Form

This is a great template you can use for evaluation. If you have teacher communities, or in a group project with your peer as the teacher who is teaching in school (the university project), then this is for you. The template consists of details such as the teacher professionality, preparation, communication and the structure of teaching. It is easier to learn and use.

Why Do Teacher Needs Evaluation?

Improve Teaching Skill

In every kind of evaluation activity, it is purposed to help the teacher improve the teaching skill. For example, new teachers or students from universities who are learning to teach. Using such forms we have above can help them underline what kind of aspects they need to improve.

To Know The Strenght

Some people just don’t know the strength so they cannot teach students in a maximum way. Some people are hilarious and they don’t know how to use it in class. In fact, this is the best thing for students because the lesson becomes fresher than ever. Besides, the teacher will know what aspect to be improved and how to combine it with the teaching method.

student evaluation of teaching form teacher evaluation form for students teacher evaluation form sample teacher evaluation form word able teacher evaluation form preschool teacher evaluation form printable teacher evaluation form

That is all our quick information about evaluation template for teacher. Download it for free!

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