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9+ Sample Rental Receipt Template

Managing a rental business has its own challenges. In addition to providing good service, you also need to organize receipts for every transaction made. Sample rental receipt template has many types depending on the business being run. The following are some sample receipts that you can use.

Sample Property Rental Receipt PDF Free Download1

Car Rental Receipt

Display receipt is very simple. In this template there is information about the type of car rented, rental date, rental period, tenant identity and payment method. A tenant must include the printed name, address and contact. In the template also need to mention several methods available such as cash or check.

Sample Rental Receipt Template

This rent receipt has a simple form, by mentioning the company in the heading section. The number of receipt and date is located in the first part. Renter information is stated briefly consisting of name, address and phone number. Description of rent is made into a long list with date and amount. The owner also needs to state the amount due at the bottom.

Apartment Rent Receipt

Apartment rentals require receipts when the tenant and the owner succeed in the transaction. The receipts include names of tenants, property locations, begin and and periods, landlord names, and also the amount of paid. The upper part requires a date and receipt number so it is different from other receipts. Tenant and landlord must sign the receipt.

Property Rent

The property rental business is increasingly popular, especially for businesses. The tenant can be more than one person. Receipts issued during the transaction will also be different. The first part is filled with receipt number and date. The second part is property information manager. While the latter is a rental information and tenant name that can consist of many people.

House Rent

The most common item for rent is a house. As the owner, you need to prepare a sample rental receipt template. This receipt can be used as valid proof that there is a transaction between the homeowner and the tenant. Inside is the owner and tenant’s information, the rental period, and the amount to be paid within a certain period.

Sample Rental Bond Receipt PDF Free Download1

Keep the Rent Receipt Advantages

  1. Report

The owner will make this receipt as a payment report, both per month and per year. Tenants will have a separate record whether the tenant has been paying the rental fee on time or vice versa. This will increase the owner’s trust in the tenant.

  1. Valid proof

There are times when phak owners and tenants forget to make transactions when the period expires. This can be avoided by looking at the last receipt. Both parties must hold this receipt as valid proof. Especially if tenants make payments in cash.

  1. Tax

Annual tax returns require proof that you are only renting a place. As an owner, of course there are separate counts because your property has been rented out. Receipt will help you in estimating the amount of tax that must be paid. This will make it easier for you to make a claim.

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You can create a sample rental receipt template using Word. If you don’t have an idea, you can find various templates available on the internet. This template is generally editable and editable. Adjust receipts to your needs, especially if you are a business owner or landlord.

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