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9+ Sample Quitclaim Deed Form Template

How Does The Sample Quitclaim Deed Form Shorten The Property Transfer Process?

What Is A Quitclaim Deed Form?

If you want to transfer the property faster, quitclaim deed form might be the fastest solution today. It is a document or a form that will help you transfer the ownership of your property to another person. This is said faster that any documents or ways of transferring properties. Of course, the document will contain both parties and property information which also depend on where the property is located. You can now make your own draft using sample quitclaim deed form for free on our page.

quitclaim deed form format

In the document, there is term grantor which means the person who gives away the property claim. Meanwhile, the grantee is a person who is receiving the property.

The main purpose of using this document is to prevent the grantor from reclaiming an interest in the property. So, once the agreement has been signed, then it will be irreversible. This document is also important during divorce which often becomes the main dispute.

What Should Be Included In The Quitclaim Deed Form?

The main information in this form will be the information of the grantor and the grantee, However, as we said, it depends on the state as well as the marital status of the parties. This is why it should be listed including the name of the spouse.

quitclaim deed form life estate

You can make your own draft by using sample quitclaim deed form. To make the agreement legal and has the power to protect both parties, this document should be filed and notarized. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the state’s laws and requirements.

What Do You Need To Know About The Sample Quitclaim Deed Form?

First of all, keep in mind the definition of the quitclaim deed. This document certifies the grantor for relinquishing the claim of the property. Remember that the document will not be suitable for all situations. It cannot guarantee that the grantor has an interest in the property which this can only be attested is they agree to transfer it.

With such an easiness and quicker process, there are some holes in the quitclaim deed form. Because the deed has no real guarantee, we cannot ensure if the grantor has no liens, disputes, debs, and another status. So, the grantee should make sure that the grantor is free from such a condition.


If you are interested in drafting your own quitclaim deed, you have to learn your state laws and requirements and the place of the property located. Also, make sure you take a high-quality sample quitclaim deed form and consult it with the attorney. Read the items in the form carefully and match it with the requirements in your location. After that, have it signed to a notary with both parties sign the agreement.

Secondly, sometimes the grantor and the grantee are required to list their marital status as well as their spouses even though they have no legal interest.

sample quit claim deed form mining quitclaim deed form templates printable quit claim deed form quit claim deed statutory form quit claim deed templates quitclaim deed form 001 quitclaim deed form 002

Include at least two witnesses to sign the form and check if you need to file the document or not.

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