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Sample Plumbing Receipt Template

One industry that has existed for a long time is plumbing. Humans still need water and try to make the flow meet their daily needs. The work that must be done by professionals is certainly expensive. A sample plumbing receipt is also made by companies engaged in this industry as invoices for clients.

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Plumbing Work Receipt

This template describes the types of plumbing related work. The plumber only needs to give a checklist on the part that needs improvement. The main columns in the table are the part of the house or building, quantity, detail description, recommendations, and amount. You can also add a target time when work must be completed.

Generic Sample Plumbing Receipt

Like an invoice in general, this template contains a site address and bill to the top. The description at the beginning is the job address where the tap is fixed. Then, the main table consists of two columns, namely code and description of work. The bottom of the table are additions such as material, labor, subtotal, and due date.

Sample of Plumbing Invoice

Make a brief company description in the header. The first part is the two columns that include information on who the billing is given from and who is performing the service. The plumbing invoice table contains several columns containing quantity, job description, rate, and amount. Plumber performance is also included in the table and rate.

Simple Plumbing Bill

You can make a simple bill. Inside is information about the source of the bill, destination bill, and bill receipts such as date, number, and due date. The sample plumbing receipt contains columns so that it is easy for clients to read. Make 4 columns that contain a description of work, quantity, price, and total. It may need a total with tax price.

Plumber Payment Sample

Unlike other receipts, the display of the receipt is simpler and to the point. There is no statement in this template because the information is entered in the table columns. The template must contain customer information, job descriptions related to plumbing, and amount. Receipt requires the signatures of both parties as a sign of the completion of the transaction.

Sample Plumbing Receipt Template Free Word Download1

Tips for Plumbers

  1. Price list

Not everyone knows that plumber has a fairly high fee. Jobs that are quite risky and require this calculation require a price list. Make a rate about labor, either hourly or for a certain period. Each job description also needs to be included so that the customer can guess the budget.

  1. Simulation

Before starting the job that the customer wants, you should make a work plan and budget. This makes the customer have a picture of the expected results and the budget that needs to be prepared. Send them a pre-invoice so they can decide. If you agree, you can continue the work contract.

  1. Explaining

Don’t leave customers confused. Discuss work-related matters that might be expected by them. Avoid making your own decisions because the cost also depends on the ability of the customer. Explain in easy to understand language so that they are satisfied with your performance.


Making a sample plumbing receipt is easy. You can rely on a variety of templates but still tailored to your needs. If you are a plumber, then the template must be prepared to make it easier when making bills. Clients will also think that you are a professional and trusted plumber.

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