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4+ Sample Hotel Receipt Template

The reservation process for a hotel room can be proven with a receipt. A receipt is issued for each reservation that reaches the payment process. A sample hotel receipt can be issued by the hotel or online travel agents. The following are some kinds of receipts that you can use if you have a hotel rental business.

Sample Hotel Acknowledgement Receipt 1

Hotel Acknowledgment Receipt

The form of the receipt is similar to a form. Acknowledgment receipt plays a role in the validation of every transaction made at the hotel. The contents of the receipt in the form of a statement that the client has completed the registration process and transactions. Then the transaction was approved by the hotel management.

Blank Sample Hotel Receipt

To look professional and well managed, you need to include the identity of the hotel in the header. After that, the name of the customer or client is called along with the address and contact. Fill in the table on the receipt is the type of room booked, type of bed, full description, room price, amount, and the last one is the total due.

Hotel Bill Receipt

Unlike invoices, bill receipts will be received by the client before making a payment. This receipt is complete the total bill that must be paid before the check out process. The tables in the receipts include information on the user’s hotel room identity, check-in and check-out time, rate of the room, rate of service, and total cost.

Hotel Invoice Receipt

Invoice is a receipt sent by the hotel management to the customer. The hotel writes the origin of the invoice, recipient, number of the invoices, and due date. General information about this invoice includes hotel or room number, total nights, the price per night, other required like parking, and total that must be paid.

Hotel Attendee Receipt

Generally, this sample hotel receipt is held by hotel management. The contents are attendee information that keeps rooms with special requests. For example, customers use the main hall, order tickets through the hotel, or rent a vehicle. All of these services will be handled by the hotel so that the receipts and payments are made at once.

Guideline to Create Hotel Receipt

  1. Decide the Template

Now you don’t need to prepare your own template. You can download various templates and only adapt to hotel management needs. Choose the appropriate template, such as a bill, invoice, or attendee information. Make sure the header is filled in with the name of your hotel, so it looks professional.

  1. Relevant Information

Information about customers is risky, so make sure that it concerns reservations. Ask them to show ID or passport for address needs. On the other hand, customers are also required to fill out this information for the convenience of the hotel.

  1. Clear

Avoid using complicated fonts because it will only complicate the customer. Choose simple and medium-sized fonts like 11-14. Fonts that are too small will make it difficult for customers to read receipts. Minimizing a lot of customers who ask questions will also make both parties feel more comfortable.

Sample Receipt of Hotel Sample Template Sample Blank Hotel Receipt Example Sample Example Hotel Bill Receipt

Besides the notes in the sample hotel receipt that must be made clear, it would be better if the receipts appear unique. This will increase brand awareness for customers. Make receipts with a medium size so that they are easy to carry with the receipts but also not easily lost. Use the best quality receipt so that the information in it is not easily lost.

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