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7+ Sample Horse Bill of Sale Template

Buying a horse is not the same as animals in general. You will receive a sample horse bill of sale. This bill was made by the seller as a sign that you are the new owner. Bill also indicates that you legally own it. Bill can play a role as a guarantee that horses will not be exploited, and you will be able to take responsibility.

Sample Free Hourse Bill of Sale Template 1

Identity of Both Parties

There are two writing styles in this section, such as a paragraph or bullet. Certainly, you need to write down the identity of the seller and buyer. The seller must be able to identify whether the buyer can provide a safe place and environment for the horse. Information in this section is the name, address, and contact.

Identity of Horse

Horses are special pets. He often has a special name. The second part is filled with information relating to horses. Not only the name, but the seller also has to mention age, height, color, breed, sex, and also its registration. Unlike other animals, some countries require horses as legally registered animals.


To ensure that the transfer of horse ownership is secure, the buyer needs to know how safe the buyer’s environment is. In order to facilitate both, the seller can write the terms and conditions. If the buyer does not agree, then the transaction can be canceled for the safety of the horse for its surroundings.

Price and Payment

The price of horses is not low. You can bid on this animal. If the negotiation is agreed, write the number in the bill. After agreeing on prices, the seller needs to submit the available payment methods. In this case, the buyer might ask for a way that he could, so it is easier.

Trial Period

Maintaining the price of a horse is not easy. The seller usually gives a trial period to see the compatibility of the horse with its new owner. The trial period is usually less than 3 months. All expenses during the trial period are issued by the new owner.

Sample horse bill of sale example 1

The Importance Sample Horse Bill of Sale

  1. As a legal binding contract

The purchase of a horse cannot be compared to other animals. Bill must be made when there is a transaction between the seller and buyer to protect each other’s position. For example, hit certain vaccines that horses must get. If the seller says that the horse has got it, but in fact, it hasn’t, then the buyer can make an appeal.

  1. Provide information

Without a sample horse bill of sale during the transaction, the buyer cannot find out information about the horse being purchased. That is why the bill is very important. Not only horses, but bills also provide identities regarding sellers and buyers, such as contact numbers. If there is a difference in agreement, then one party may sue the other party.

  1. As for the warranty

When sold using bills, the seller guarantees that the horse’s condition is in accordance with the information contained in the template. Buyers will only be able to sue if they still have bills. In other words, a bill can act as a guarantee

Sample horse bill of sale simple 1 Sample horse bill of sale template free 1 Sample Hourse Bill of Sale Template Free Download 1 Sample sample bill of sale horse 1 Sample bill of sale for horse purchase 1

The role of the sample horse bill of sale is not just about the transaction. Inside there are various agreements between the two parties, information about the horse, and trial period. The template should always be made clear so that it is easily understood by both parties.

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