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12+ Sample Home Inspection Checklist Templates

Sample Home Inspection Checklist Templates You Definitely Need To Have

Simply, buying a house is like an investment! You spend your money and you will regret when you find the house is not worth of money. Therefore, an inspection is always required. You need the sample home inspection checklist to make sure everything is fine before the purchase. For a homeowner who wants to sell the house, this template can be an important list before deciding the fixed price.

rental home inspection checklist

Reasons Why A Sample Home Inspection Checklist Is Needed!

As we said before, it is important for homebuyers to do a home inspection. They will help to check the construction from the rooftop until inside the floor. They will also see the components so serious damage can be detected. Besides, this can be the best tool to negotiate the price.

sample home inspection checklist

Meanwhile, for the seller, having sample home inspection checklist will help them recheck what parts of the house need to be fixed before starting the price. This will add value to the house and can add more trust from the potential customers.

What Are Included In The Home Inspection?

In fact, the home inspection will be different from state to state, country to country and even city to city. This will depend on the association and the home inspector. But the standard of home inspection usually will be foundation, walls, ceilings, floors, and roof. However, it is important to ask for checking the horizontal cracks and also the parallel ones. See whether the foundation is secure or not. Check whether there is a leak or whether there has been a fire.

Besides, there are some evaluation needs to be performed. Exterior check is important too, such as wall coverings, drainage, landscaping, grading, driveways, fences, fascia, doors, trim, windows, elevation, exterior receptacles, and lights.

You have to inspect the plumbing issue like sinks, faucets, showers, and traps. Another thing to check is the drain, vent pipes and waste. It is important too to see the air conditioning, chimneys, furnaces, water heaters, sprinklers, and fireplaces. The garage should be inspected too from walls, vents, ceilings, garage door, firewall, lights, windows, roof, exterior, garage door opener until the receptacles.

However, the home inspection doesn’t require every condition to each component, especially if the house still in a good look. But make sure the house has no problem by using this inspection because the potential customers will do the same and use their data to negotiate the price or even cancel it. So, why don’t just add value in the house by knowing the weaknesses and the damaged part?

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Understand that inspectors will report damaged items but they don’t always do this. Mostly they limit the services and ask you to pay some items before they do that. Therefore, having a sample home inspection checklist can be very beneficial because you can consider what to see and what not. Probably you want to check your own properties and ask the inspector to reach the dangerous part. It depends on the service too.

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