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6+ Sample Gun Bill of Sale Template

Gun purchases cannot be made haphazardly. Sellers and buyers are required to make transactions and sign the sample gun bill of sale. This bill is an important note and becomes a legal document that the gun has changed ownership. Here are some contents on the bill that you must explain in detail.

Sample Gun Bill of Sale Private Party

The Grantor

Grantor or seller is the party who sells the gun to the new owner. Bill must explain who the owner is before the transaction, how to obtain it, and legal proof of its use. If the buyer discovers that a Grantor is an irresponsible person, then the purchase can be canceled.

The Grantee

This party can be called a buyer. After being traded, the gun will be his. A purchaser must comply with the applicable provisions under the law. He must also comply with the terms and conditions made by the seller. The main requirement from the buyer is a minimum age of 21 years.

The gun

Bill needs to explain the gun’s description according to the circumstances. The specifications must be written in full, although the usability might be decreased. This will be considered by the buyer later. The seller must write down the gun as it is so as not to make the buyer feel disappointed after the transaction.

The Warranty

Some types of guns sold may still have an official guarantee. If not, maybe the seller can write that the goods can be returned if it does not match the statement in the bill. The warranty of the owner needs to have a clear period. This avoids misunderstanding between the two parties and also minimizes fraud.

Payment Term

This section contains how buyers make payments. Usually, the seller has various options related to payment. The bill must also specify the amount that the buyer must pay to the seller. The buyer has the right to put a due date on the statement so that the purchaser must pay off before the specified date.

Why the Bill is Needed

  1. Legal transaction

Guns are often stolen and used illegally. This creates criminality and is difficult to justify. With this bill, your transaction will become valid. Guns owned by new owners are legally owned, not stolen. Buyers also get it from a legal seller.

  1. Transfer the Ownership

If you have this sample gun bill of sale, the owner is legally transferred. This proof can only be proven with bills. Inside is a signature between the two parties. So when in trouble, the seller is no longer responsible. All these responsibilities have been transferred to the new owner.

  1. Information

Without a bill, you cannot get detailed information about the gun. All information related to series, models, unique marks can only be known through bills. This information is considered very important, considering the intended use of the gun will differ according to function. The seller also guarantees that the items match those stated on the bill when they are sold.

As a result of not having a sample gun bill of sale is fatal. You may be deemed to own this item illegally and may be confiscated by the authorities. The consequences of having a gun are large enough that a legal document is needed. Ask the seller for a bill when making a transaction. That way, you can also know how gun status is in the previous owner.

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