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8+ Sample General Bill of Sale Template

Bill is an receipt that is only issued if the transaction status is successful. Sample general bill of sale is included in a legal and accountable document. The seller and buyer can claim each other if there is a violation after the transaction. The following is the content in the bill and the importance of the bill in each transaction activity.

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Header of Bill

If you appear as a company, then the bill requires a header. This header contains the company’s identity, starting from the name, address, contact and logo. That way, the bill shows that you look professional. If you only do private transactions, you only need to write the status of “Bill of Sale” at the very top.

Seller and Purchaser

The most important part about moving ownership of an item is identity information. Both parties must explain their identity to avoid the fraud. Information in this section is printed name, address, city, home phone, cell phone, e-mail and work. All information must be correctly filled.

Item and Price

Transactions allow more than one item to be traded. You can create a table so that all items can be listed more neatly. If there is only one item, then you only need to briefly describe it. All items must have quantity and price. Of course, the price recorded is the price agreed upon by both parties.

Warranty Statement

After explaining all items, the bill must include the warranty statement. With this, the seller guarantees that the condition of the goods when sold in accordance with the description in the bill. Buyers can submit complaints when conditions are found to be incompatible within a certain time. Beyond that, goods cannot be complained by the buyer.


Bill is only valid when both parties sign at the bottom. not just a signature. Both also need to write the printed name under the signature. Before the signature, you should write the transaction date. Once signed, the item officially changes ownership.

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Importance of Sample General Bill of Sale

  1. Discussion summary

The seller and buyer must have a discussion before the official items are sold. In addition to discussing the description of goods in general, there must be certain guarantees given by the seller or the addition of items as gifts. All these discussions are summarized in the bill, including other factors in sales such as the agreed price.

  1. Evidence

Not all transactions run smoothly. There are times when a violation is found, the goods do not match the bill, or even the payment method is out of agreement. All of these things can end up on the court table if one party is reluctant to be invited to cooperate. Before the court, a sample general bill of sale can be used as valid evidence.

  1. Legal

Certain types of goods require legality to be used, such as fire arm or gun. If misused, the owner is responsible and has a relationship with the authorities. The bill of sale guarantees that ownership of the goods is clear. The goods are not stolen and the owner is responsible for the incident.

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In general, the sample general bill of sale is used for transactions of valuables. Bill is rarely used to purchase second hand or furniture. However, every transaction should be made a bill that protects the seller and buyer from potential fraud.

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