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5+ Sample Electronic Receipt Template

Almost all businesses use electronic receipts. There are many reasons this system is the most popular choice. Not only in large-scale businesses, small shops now rely on the sample electronic receipt template publishing system. The following are examples of templates used in various businesses.

Sample Electronic Receipt Template 1

ATM receipt

In some countries, a receipt applies every time there is a transaction at an ATM. Receipt explains the type of transaction carried out by the customer, how much money is transacted, and the remaining money in the account. The top part of the receipt is the date and location of the transaction. The bottom part is information related to the bank.

Master Card Receipt

The most popular type of cross-border transaction is the Master Card. You can use this card when shopping retail in various countries. The machine will issue a receipt when the transaction is successful. The top of the receipt is information on the time and place of the transaction. Then the main part of the receipt is the card number, MCC, authorized code and transaction.

Sample Electronic Receipt Template

Basically, the receipt records information about the transaction made by the user. The most important content in the receipt is the date, type, and number of transactions. Receipt can only be issued when the transaction is successful. If you experience problems related to the transaction, the receipt can be used to submit a claim.

Shopping Receipt

Various retailers now apply receipt issuance as proof of payment. Besides being easy, the receipt will also save a copy automatically making it easier for retailers. The content in the recept is store information including tax identification number. All shopping lists purchased will be recorded with quantity, value and total. The bottom part is the transaction barcode.

Electronic Receipt Bank

The institution that has the most receipts is the bank. Each transaction will have a different receeipt type. Receipt for saving will be different from withdrawal or current account. Valid receipts consist of transaction date, signature teller and customer, and transaction details.

Paper Receipt is Solution

  1. No mistake

Paper receipts are issued by the computing system, so errors in calculations are minimal. The use of receipts by the system is very beneficial. For retailers, this is very practical and saves time. For buyers or clients, receipts are used as valid documentation whose information is clearly stated and easily understood.

  1. Permanent

Although it depends on the type of paper and ink used, sample electronic receipt template is permanent. Both retailers and clients can keep receipts as proof of the transaction. Unlike the digital receipt of receipts that can be deleted or lost accidentally. You only need to keep this receipt in a safe place.

  1. Tax

Tax calculations require detailed references so the results are correct. Businesses that are engaged in details will benefit from this. Receipt can act as a valid reference. You can also include receipts when needed as proof. You will save more time when the audit will be conducted.

Sample Electronic Receipt Template1 Sample Electronic Receipt Template2 Sample Electronic Receipt Template3 Sample Electronic Receipt Template4

The role of the sample electronic receipt template is vital for the business. Aside from being proof of transactions or payments, receipt is also used as documentation. Clients can easily file complaints or return goods. While for retailers, this is a valid proof of how business activities have been and the release of goods from stock.

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