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5+ Sample Donation Receipt Template

Donations are contributions from donors to an organization, both profit and non-profit. Donors will receive a sample donation receipt as proof. Of course, this receipt was made when the donation was made successfully. Forms of receipts vary, ranging from e-mail letters to printables. The following are various receipt formats that are used for donations.

Sample Donation Tax Receipt Doc Free Download1

Equipment Donation Receipt

A large company generally donates items to the organization, according to the items it produces. This part of CSR is also the most popular donation event. Receipts received by the company included item and quantity descriptions. Receipt also explained that the donor did not receive any reply from the organization.

Simple Sample Donation Receipt

The simplest form of donation receipt is a proof of payment sheet. In it, there is only the donor’s name, address, phone or e-mail address, date and also the amount of donation. Usually this is used by non-profit organizations that don’t need accounting. Receipt also does not require signatures from both parties.

Sample non profit donation receipt template

Household Donation

Every time a disaster occurs in an area, a company engaged in the household industry donates items. Some examples of items are clothing, electrical, and also furniture. Each item will be calculated quantity and valenya for the benefit of the company. Donors and representatives need to sign this receipt.

Books Donation

Donations can also be made in book form. Generally these donations are aimed at libraries that rarely upgrade their collections. Receipt consists of various information such as type of book, serial, or even has a supporting CD or not. Donor-related information listed includes donor name, date and total items.

Tax donation

Some companies make their annual income tax an official donation. They can go to various organizations to provide social responsibility. This charity also requires receipts as proof that the company does not avoid taxes. In the receipt it is necessary to note that donations have been made in certain locations and have been registered.

Creating Donation Receipt

  1. Decide the category

Determine the type of donation to be held. Donations do not always provide cash and are intended for organizations. You can make a donation to the library by providing various needs such as books or furniture. After determining the category of donations, then determine the donation destination.

  1. Do the confirmation

After determining the type of donation, go to the party who will receive cash or items. Ask them if they really need help or receive donations from certain parties. Afterwards, confirm various information related to their identity. You need the name of the organization and person in charge to fill sample donation receipt.

  1. Declare

If all items or cash have been prepared, then you can make a donation. As a donor, you have the right to request receipts from them. The organization must publish this template as a source of income, tax and resource footprint. You can choose a variety of templates that suit your donation type. Fill out the template with information related to the donation event.

Sample Tax Deductible Donation Receipt MS Word Free Download1 Sample Vehicle Donation Receipt PDF Download1 Sample Church Donation Receipt Word Free Download1

Sample donation receipt must be stored properly as evidence. Especially if your partner implements social responsiility. Generally, donations will be one of the regular agenda that must be accounted for. Ensure that all activities are transparent from both the business and organizational point of view. Save the copy file for accounting purposes.

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