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7+ Sample Dog Bill of Sale Template

Pet sales transactions require special records, especially dogs. This animal is treated special, especially when moving hands to other people. As a buyer, you need to have a sample dog bill of sale. This template contains information about the dog you have purchased, along with its health, safety, and health track record.

Sample Printable Dog Bill of Sale Template 1

The Puppy Bill

Transfer owner for dogs that are still in the puppy category is quite easy. You need to write down the new caretaker’s identity and address. Then, fill in the table with some information such as dog name if available, color, breed, date of birth, sex of the dog, and registration. The state at the bottom of the table must explain how the attitude is needed to deal with puppies.

Sample Dog Bill of Sale

In general, sales templates are similar to items in general. The first part is the identity of both parties, sellers, and buyers. The second part is filled with dog descriptions in detail, starting from the name, date of birth, sex, color, and breed. The amount of payment must also be written in the receipt. The end of the template is the signature of both parties.

Sample puppy bill of sale template 1

Complete dog Bill

Some buyers tend to be detailed when buying a dog. You can make a bill that is similar to a summary. Starting from the identity, photos, registry to medical records. After that, a statement from the seller explains that the buyer has officially paid a certain amount of cash with the specified method.

Purchase of Agreement

Bill display is shorter because there is no binding statement between the two parties. The contents of the bill are general information about the seller, the buyer, and his dog. Generally, the purchase of agreement is used on dog shelters that have adopted dogs on the streets. This template is only signed by the seller.

Sample Sample Dog Bill of Sale Template 1

Bill from Dog Association

Bill issued by dog ​​association has a different form from the ordinary seller. They put the logo on the heading. The dog will be sent to the place of return, and then this receipt will be received by the returning. Fill in the bill is the agreed price and description of the dog.

Tips Before Buying a Dog

  1. Choose the breeder

Breeder differences will certainly also be different treatment of them. The dog you choose will have to be easy to adapt to the environment and lifestyle you have. Find out which breeder suits your desires and conditions. Don’t be stressed by the appearance of dogs because you have to make sure they feel safe and comfortable.

  1. See the bill

If you feel fit, then estimate the bill made by the seller. You can see various information related to the dog you choose. In addition, the sample dog bill of sale also includes a medical record. You can find out how his medical history so far and how he should be treated.

  1. Get interacted

Before buying the dog you want, make sure that you have adapted before. Dogs often refuse to live with new people, especially if they are under eight weeks old. Frequent visits to puppy places will make them easy to recognize you.

Sample dog bill of sale free printable 1 Sample Dog Bill of Sale Template Free Download 1 Sample Free Dog Bill of Sale Template 1 Sample pet bill of sale template 1

Choosing the right dog is not easy. You need to adjust to the maintenance budget and also the home environment. If it’s fixed, you can request a sample dog bill of sale. In addition to complete information, this bill is proof that dogs are now yours.

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