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3+ Sample Daycare Receipt Template

Not everyone would have time to take care of their children all day long. For a single parent or busy woman, leaving their kids inside of the daycare is the safest way to do. However, as a professional company, you must need to have a sample daycare receipt. There is a lot of benefits that you can find from this daycare receipt. Especially to bring better trust from parents who need your services.

Sample Dependent Day Care Receipt 1

What is Sample Daycare Receipt?

  1. Guarantee for the services

Working as an employee inside of the daycare service required you to follow the rules and regulations. There is a lot of parents ask for your responsibility to watch for their kids. However, there is a lot of ways that you can do by providing a receipt that can be used as a guarantee for the services.

  1. Children and parent information details

Inside of the receipt, there should be children’s names and details. Including their age, gender, skin color, and clothes details. It can be used to make sure if you will not have any problem when there is a parent complaining about your services.

  1. Services description

Try to create everything in detail with your receipt. The service description allows every parent to understand what treatment has been done to their children. It is also the best way to avoid the problem when a parent starts complaining or disagrees with the treatment since you already work based on the agreement.

Dates and Company Information Details

You need to add the date when the treatment and services were taken. It is one of the best information for your company details. Most people often fooled by the customer who’s having a complaint out of date. This means that it can be useful to avoid conflict.

Sample Sample Day Care Invoice ReceiptTemplate

Child and Parents Name

Adding the children and parent name is general information that you should have inside of the receipt. There is a lot of Daycare Company to make a mistake with this step, and the problem happens. On the other hand, some of the professionals will try to get a quick selfie for their kids and parents to avoid a mistake.

Total Hours and Services Details

Before their parent leaving each child, you need to make sure if you should have a discussion and agreement about the total hour. Including to mention the service’s details that would have an impact on customer satisfaction.

Total Prices

The total price represents the amount of money that every parent should pay at the end of the day. Try to include the price per service or other treatment inside of the receipt.

Parent and Employee Signature

To make sure if there will be no problem happen, you should make sure if you already have each parent’s signature inside of the book or receipt. This means that if there is a parent who would like to complain, there will be no chance for them to do that. Since they already agree with everything which is written inside of the receipt.

Sample Day Care Services Receipt PDF Download1

Once you already have a better sample daycare receipt, everything will be under control, and it would be easy for you to manage. Sometimes, there is a parent who complains about your services. At that time, you are required to respond based on the fact that you already have inside of the receipt.

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