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5+ Sample Blank Power of Attorney Form Template

Free Download Sample Blank Power of Attorney Form

What Is A Sample Blank Power of Attorney Form?

When it comes to estates, a power attorney form is very important. This document authorizes your agent to decide certain things for your property. Therefore, you have to choose a trusted agent to handle your property until you lose your capacity, die or revoke your power of attorney. If you want to draft it, you can learn the sample blank of power of attorney form. And you should be mindful with this crucial document especially about the options you want to choose.

general power of attorney form

Types Of Sample Blank Power Of Attorney Forms

Basically, there are four types of power of attorney form you need to know, which are:

  • Limited – This document allows the appointed person or agent to have power in a limited purpose. For example, a person can be your hand to sign a deed to the property when you are unable to do it. For example when you are out of town.
  • General – This is the more comprehensive document that gives your attorney power and right as yours. For example, an attorney can sign the document for you, pay your bills, conduct a transaction on your behalf. You can use this document when you are unable to do certain stuff mentioned in the document. This power of attorney form will end on your death unless you revoke it.
  • Durable – This durable attorney can be used for both limited or general scope. This document will end after your death unless you revoke it. However, if you are incapacitated, a court will appoint a guardian for you.
  • Springing – This power of attorney works just like the durable type which the attorney will act for you if you are incapacitated in the certain case mentioned in the document. However, the standard of not being incapacitated should be stated clearly in the document itself.

Our sample blank power of attorney form is a special template that can be used for any kind of need. You can customize the document for even the medical power attorney form to help you decide your health right. It is easily printable and available in different formats such as Word, PSD, and PDF.

Drafting a sample blank power of attorney form is a wise thing because it helps you fix some matters due to an emergency event. For example, you are suffering from serious injury such as a comma. This document will help you handle your financial affairs during your absence as well as help you decide your care decision.

Anyway, do we really need a lawyer to make it powerful? It is actually not necessary, but this one may be very helpful and give you peace of mind. In fact, there are two types of sample blank power of attorney forms you need to know, which are:

Power of Attorney for Finances – this document will grant your agent or legal authority to act and take a decision on your behalf for your financial business.

blank durable power of attorney form blank financial power of attorney form blank living will form blank medical power of attorney

Power of Attorney Healthcare – This document is designed to help you decide your health treatment. Your agent will decide your medical decision when you are incapacitated.

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