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20+ Rubric Template to Ease Your Assesment and Learning Process

6 Tips to Arrange a Rubric Template to Ease Your Assesment and Learning Process

Being a teacher is not easy because there is a big burden on their mind. The teacher must ascertain the quality of the student both in academic and behavior. For the academic field, they can use a rubric template to ease their learning process. You will convey the lesson simply but the result keeps effective. Creating a rubric template for the beginners may be an impressive experience because they must get a bit difficult. Nonetheless, it will not take place in a long time and you are going to enjoy it immediately.

Analytic Rubric Sample

6 Tips to create a Professional Rubric Template

Actually, the words of the rubric template quite make many people confuse. Especially, the people who never heard the term before. It is a tool for helping the teachers and the professors to state their expectation, feedback, and rate a product. However, it needs serious circumspection and precision. So, it really helps them to distribute and get the job according to their wish.

Backup Survey Rubric1

To personalize the best result of the template, you need to pass 6 steps such as follow:

  1. Determine your Goal

Determine the goal that you want to reach is not easy and it will influence the result or the next steps. Consequently, making the goal must refer to 7 questions such as below:

  • How detailed is the feedback you want?
  • How do you describe the expectations for this project?
  • Do all tasks have the same important weight?
  • How do you assess your own performance?
  • What standards are right for students to achieve the right performance?
  • Do you want to give one project final value based on several criteria?
  • Do you judge based on participation or work or judge both?
  1. Choose your rubric

After you find the best goal, it is time to choose the rubric. Here, you should know that there are 2 kinds of rubric:

  • Analytical Rubric: A standard grid rubric for assessing student work on a regular basis.
  • Holistic Rubrics: Making this rubric is easier but cannot provide accurate results. The teacher must match the work of the student as a whole with one description on the scale. However, it is useful for assessing several essays leaving no room for detailed feedback on student work.
  1. Design your criteria

The rubric allows you to see criteria quickly even though you assess and explain when teaching your students. Criteria in analytic rubrics, usually along the left column.

  1. Arrange your performance level

Adjust your level of performance from level to lowest or vice versa regularly so it’s easy to understand.

  1. Write a descriptor for each level

Write a brief statement about your expectations below each level of performance specifically and measurably.

  1. Revise your rubric

Retrace and limit your rubric so there is not too much and is not effective in assessing student mastery.

10 Template types for your Rubric

You have understood how to make your rubric template.  Before you really personalize on your computer, let’s see some types of the rubric:

  • Free rubric
  • Grading Rubric
  • Project Rubric
  • Team activity rubric
  • Assessment rubric
  • Interview rubric
  • Mathematics rubric
  • Simple blank rubric
  • Editable rubric
  • Elementary school teacher rubric

Rubrics for Elementary Teachers Blank Scoring Rubric Frame templatess Blank Simple Rubric templatess Word Doc Decision Making Rubric Editable Rubric General Art Rubric Grading Rubric templatess Group Activity Project Rubric templatess MS Word Interview Rubric templatess Job Interview Scoring Rubric Lesson Evaluation Rubric Form Math Rubric templatess Performance Assessment Rubric Presentation Rubric for PBL Project Based Learning Rubric templatess Rubric Checklist Rubric Creator Rubric templatess for ITCS Project Word File

You are still able to find more than 10 types when you browse it on the internet. Do not be lazy to make the rubric template though it is quite difficult. You will say thank after you feel the benefit of the rubric later.

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