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14+ Roommate Rental Agreement Template

Free Download Roommate Rental Agreement Template

Having a roommate is awesome, but sometimes it gives you grudge due to simple things like who will clean the room, space shared, maintenance and so on. This is why writing roommate rental agreement is important so you both will understand your responsibilities and respect each other right.

Roommate Agreement

The reason why you need this agreement is that the landlord will not hold this authority, so this is your business with your roommate. Here, we created a template for saving you from a dispute in the future with another tenant. Our template is designed with the finest format and already include so many essential points.

Is The Roommate Rental Agreement Different from A Lease?

Yes, it is different. The lease agreement is a written document purposed for landlord and tenants. In this agreement, the tenants will agree with all the requirements and the payment terms stated by the landlords. Once this document is signed, then the tenants will receive all their rights stated in the document.

Roommate Contract

Meanwhile, the roommate agreement has no correlation with the landlord. This is an agreement between the rental unit and residents, which they agree on how to pay the rent, monthly expense, food, utilities, responsibilities such as cleaning and disposal, until shared room.

In terms of the law, the lease is legally binding, but for the roommate rental agreement, some terms will legally binding, such as when one tenant fails to meet the payment obligation.

How To Make A Roommate Rental Agreement?

Make Sure The Agreement Is Right for Both Parties – The key point of making a roommate agreement is from the discussion. Some people are too formal and do things by order. Maybe you both are very casual persons. So, make sure both parties understand each responsibility and rights.

  • Consider Your Priorities – Decide which one is your priorities in the living space. This can begin from the monthly payment, is the cleanliness important for you? Maybe you have certain allergies that make you need to avoid this, such as animals or flowers?
  • Always Talk with the Roommate – Always make sure you let the roommate take part in making the agreement. Try to encourage your roommate to talk about his/her priorities in the living space so you will not have an unnecessary fight.
  • Draw The Agreement – Once you are already being done with the agreement, it is time to write it in a written document and sign it. You can download our template for the tidy written contract. Even our template has already been filled with written rules and agreements. Make sure you edit it and discuss it with your roommate.
  • Always Be Flexible – always make sure you can edit and evaluate your agreement. Always discuss everything when you have a problem with your roommate. Roommate Rental Agreement Doc Roommate Rental Agreement Roommate Sample Agreement Sample Roommate Rental Agreement Model Roommate Rental Agreement Roomer Agreement Roomer Rental Agreement Roommate Agreement 001 Roommate Agreement 002 Roommate Agreement for Rental Roommate Agreement Form Roommate Agreement Sample

Well, even though the roommate rental agreement is not completely legally binding, but at least each tenant will feel more comfortable because everyone understands each priority and respect each other. The best thing to do to avoid an unnecessary fight is always discussion and evaluate your agreement.

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