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6+ Room Data Sheet Template

A Guide to Make Simple Accurate Room Data Sheet Template

When it comes to build a house or building, we surely need room data sheet template as a personal guide. A room data sheet is so much needed since it provides much information about the building constructions. This sheet can be very helpful to make your dream home becomes real. Currently, a lot of websites provide thousands of room data templates with different formats and styles.

Sample Room Data Sheet Template Pdf Free Download

What includes in A Room Data Sheet Template?

Room data sheet or RDS is a kind of sheet that provides detailed information of the room. It includes its number, name, location, and also specific details such as fixture, finishes, and so on. Room data sheet is used as a media to connect client or owner room requirements. This sheet normally made by clients for design team or also contractors.

Sample Sample Room Data Sheet Template Free Download

Each room data sheet template can have different information from one to another. Its information normally provided based on the room type and space. However, the common information that commonly includes is number of rooms, mechanical services, electrical services, finishes, and fixtures.

1.  Number of Rooms

This part refers to the number of rooms which you want to build. This normally will depend on the size house and available spaces.

2.  Room Measurement

After deciding the number of rooms, now need to measure each room. Describing the specific dimension and size is a must, so you can get the exact result at the end. Accurate measurement also will help the design team and contractors.

3.   Finishes

Moving to the finishes, here you need to give more details about the walls, ceilings, doors, and floors. The wall can be in solid, rain screen, pile, curtain or others. For the floors, you ca choose a lot of variants like ribbed floor, hollow pot, solid ground, etc.

4.  Mechanical and Electrical Services

Both mechanical and electrical services are also important for room data sheet. Mechanical services refer to the mechanical aspect for each room such as cooling, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, water supply, and ventilation. Meanwhile, electrical relates to lighting, sensors, switches, and other special electric requirements.

5.  Fittings and Fixture

Lastly, fittings and fixture also includes on the sheet. This one describes about what furniture and other equipment that will be placed in a room such as clocks, storage, mirrors, or cupboard.

Sample sample room data sheet template free downloadA Sample Free Room Data Sheet Pdf Download Sample Free Room Data Sheet Pdf Download 1 Sample Room Data Sheet Template Pdf Free Download 2

Creating room data sheet template nowadays become more effective since there are hundreds templates that you can freely download. As choosing the template, make sure it meets your needs. Therefore, all room date can be listed accurately.

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