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6+ Roofing Estimate Templates

Free Download Sample and Roofing Estimate Templates

Every roof business owner should start considering a roofing estimate, so the client will have a clear idea about the money they should pay for. If you are new to this business, here are some tips you can follow on how to make the estimation.

3 Estimating

How To Make Roofing Estimate

Measure The Roof

The first step is measuring the dimension or the exterior. Make sure you measure it in square feet by dividing the measurement by 100.

Survey The Roof

Check the condition and the number of the roof. This includes the ridges, eaves, valleys, flashing and vent stacks. Note roof which requires complete tear off will need more material and time. This is always wise to check the building codes which will give you information about the restrictive type of materials. Some house won’t allow asphalt shingles, so you need to check it.

Calculate The Labor and Material Costs

Contact the supplier and of materials to check the price and start to add the prices of materials and equipment. Ts includes sales tax, dumpster and delivery costs. After you find the material costs, you can go to the labor section. The labor payment will depend on the type of the term such as by hours and days. Always recheck the plan whether it needs special treatment or not. You can add more price to the service. Find factors that make the work difficult.

Add Extras

Pricing cannot rely only on the material and labor costs, but also another thing such as a risk. For example the worker’s insurance, the portion of the office utilities you can use or rent for the customers. This extra will be very beneficial to face unpredictable thing.

Start To Write Your Bid

After you have done with the roofing estimate, it is time to start your bid. You can begin writing a letter to the client. Note that you are convincing your potential clients so you have to make a list of potential customer that has a high probability to use your service.  You can visit the industries of house and send them letters about some problems with their roof. After that, explain them in details of how you will fix this problem and show what makes your business different.

You can include warranty and always mention the contractor certification as well as the liability insurance. Besides, testimonials are the perfect marketing strategy to convince the potential clients that you are capable to fix the problem on time.

Then if you are someone who is running or planning this business, we have the sample forms that you can download for free. You can list all the necessary things for your roofing business. Now with the templates, we have, writing a neat estimation in a quick way is possible. ce238419aaf308d499b164cdc873635b75d1 CostGuide metal roof panels quote sheet raftercalculatormar2009 ROOF EST CHECKLIST 112310

Using this template has never been so easy that you only need specific things and check the costs. After that, you can send a proposal to your potential clients. So, with such easy things, why don’t you start downloading our template for your business effectiveness?

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