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15+ Return To Work Medical Form Template

Free Download Return To Work Medical Form

What Is Return To Work Medical Form?

All employees will need a return to work medical form after a medical leave. This document will verify that the employee is already fit or not so in the future, the individual will have a lower chance to leave due to medical concern again. This is very crucial in any type of company because when someone leaving for a medical reason, other employees will handle the job. The document is provided by health care.

return to work medical authorization form

For an organization like schools, there is a school medical form that you can download on this page too. It is free and customizable but needs to be authenticated by the physician.

When Does An Employer Need A Return To Work Medical Form?

A medical fit note is required when you are already off more than six or seven days. If you are off more than these days, your employer might require you this medical note as proof that you have been ill. This is called the self-certification. Usually, it can be obtained from your hospital doctor or GP.

How To Count Employees Sick Days

To count the sick days, you should count the days in a row including your working days, weekends and the bank holidays. If it is more than 7 days, then the employers usually will ask the fit note.

How To Get The Fit Note?

Just like we have mentioned before, to get the medical note, you can visit your GP surgery. Or if you are being hospitalized, then ask this note from the hospital doctor. After that, the doctor will do an assessment of whether your health will affect your work or not and then if you are OK, they will issue the document.

However, whether you are fit or not, they will write one of these two details:

  • You are not allowed to start working because you are not fit
  • You are allowed to start working with certain advice.

return to work medical certification form

If your note explains you are not fit enough to return to work, or your doctor leaves some advice, then try to discuss it with the employer. For example, your doctor gives you the following suggestions:

  • Start to work as a part-timer to help you fully recover then you continue working as usual.
  • Working in different hours (temporarily)
  • Your doctor suggests you perform the different task that will not affect your health because you are not fully recovered.

Is There Any Charge When Making A fit Note?

You will not get charged if you ask fit notes from your doctor when you are sick for more than 7 days. But if it is 7 days or lesser, your GP will charge you as you ask the medical certificate.

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If you need a template that can help you make a return to work medical form, our page provide the best format and layout that you can edit and customize. It is a printable template which is very easy to fill out. You can write down the sickness details and advice there.

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