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7+ Resume Cover Sheet Template

How to Create a Professional Resume Cover Sheet

As applying for job vacancies, some company normally includes resume cover sheet as the requirement. A resume sheet or also well known as cover letter is a document which sent along with CV and portfolio as applying jobs.  A resume commonly provides information about our personal details, skill, job and organizational experiences. As writing for cover letter, make sure to highlight your skills and experiences that meet the job qualification.

Sample Resume Cover Letter Checklist

Creating Resume Cover Sheet in Simple Format

When it comes to cover letter writing, there are four parts that need to be concerned; greeting, opening, body, and closing. However, these days there are many resume cover sheet template that can be easily downloaded. All you need to do is only modify the template based on your personal information. Still have no idea in writing your resume sheet? Check out these tips!

  • Company Details

In the top of your cover letter, it normally provides the detail information of hiring manager name and company address. If you still have no idea the name of hiring manager, you can just use the name of its company.

  • Salutation

Next, let’s move to the greeting part. As writing for cover letter, it is better to use short and simple greeting, but keep it professional. If you know exactly the name of HR Department or Hiring Manager, use the full name with Mr/Ms before their name. Otherwise, you can simply use Hiring Manager.

  • Opening

Opening normally begins with short introduction of yourself and experience. You can mention the name of your current / previous company and position, the name of your college and your major. On this part, you also can tell about how you found this job.

  • Body

Body normally placed in the middle of resume cover sheet. In this part you can write one to two paragraphs or even more if it necessary. This section can be said as the most important one since you are going to tell about the skill and experiences. Here you need to make them sure you are the right person for the job.

  • Closing and Signature

The last part is closing paragraph which only contains thank-you sentences to the reader for the consideration. Lastly, you just only need to put handwritten signature in the bottom of the letter.

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Writing a cover letter nowadays becomes so easy with the help of resume cover sheet. Now, you just only need to download and modify. As making a cover letter, make sure to use the proper and formal language in order to look as professional one.

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