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6+ Restaurant Opening Checklist Template

Are you an aspiring chef currently in planning to open your own restaurant? Congratulations on your culinary achievement! Opening a new business can be challenging and a bit overwhelming. However, there is an organized way to make sure that your new restaurant opens smoothly. Below is the restaurant opening checklist that you can follow before opening your own restaurant.

Restaurant Opening Checklist 4

Choose a Concept

Upon deciding to open your own restaurant, you must think of a few concepts you can choose from. A restaurant concept is as important as the menu and the quality of your food. A unique concept brings curiosity and makes people taste your food. If your food is of good quality, then they will come again, and your business will become bigger.

Select Strategic Location

Once you decide your restaurant concept, the next thing on the restaurant opening checklist is selecting the most strategic location based on your restaurant concept. If your concept is a family dinner, then choose the location with a family home around. On the other hand, if your concept is affordable all you can eat buffet, you may want to set it up near campus where there are many college students with limited meal budget.

Write a Menu

After the concept and location are set, you need to establish a good ensemble of the menu. Other than food tasting, you need to think of the presentation and the price range as well. In this stage, make sure to work with a team of professionals that can help you to create the best menu with the proper price range.

Create a Business Plan

When you are set in the kitchen, it is time to create a solid business plan. This is the stage where you need more insight from accountants as well as investors. Setting up a business plan ahead of your opening will allow you to avoid making a bad decision financially once your restaurant is up and running.

Make a Marketing Plan

The next point in your restaurant opening checklist is creating a marketing plan. In this digital age, it is not enough to promote your business in the old school way. Everything has been digitalized, including business marketing.

Restaurant Opening Checklist 5

You need to hire or work with a team of digital marketers. This team will help you set up social media accounts for your business to be known by as many audiences as possible. Remember to set aside an extra budget for this stage as it is not cheap to market your business using social media. However, this investment will get your business known faster than traditional marketing.

Hire Staff

Last but not least, you need to hire competent staff for your daily operations in the restaurant. Make sure your staff understands their position and what your business image is as they are the front gate to the customer.

Restaurant Opening Checklist 6 Restaurant Opening Checklist 1 Restaurant Opening Checklist 2 Restaurant Opening Checklist 3

Whether you are planning an early stage of a restaurant or if you are almost ready, a restaurant opening checklist above is important to make sure that the opening of your business will run smoothly. Avoid a hassle down the road by planning as precisely as possible. Good luck, chef!

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