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7+ Resignation Checklist Template

Getting out of the office where you work for years is not easy. There are many things that you must prepare before leaving so that your track record while working is still considered good. This good track record will be useful for the future of your career and also the company you live in. You will need a resignation checklist template.

Sample Job Resignation Checklist Template

What Are the Resignation Checklist and Its Templates?

You might still not understand how important the resignation checklist is. The definition of resignation checklist itself is a checklist that contains the steps that you must prepare before leaving a job. These steps are to ensure that the company you live in will still work well.

Sample Staff Resignation Checklist Template

While the resignation checklist template is a standard template that people usually use to create a resignation checklist. There are many steps that need to be done in detail, and of course, you need a checklist to make you sure when to get out of work.

Do you have to create your own?

Creating a resignation checklist is not difficult. You only need to take a few minutes to make it. However, indeed you can save more time if you have a myriad of unfinished job desks. You can just download from the internet and choose the contents of the checklist that best suits your needs. There are lots of checklist good that you can use.

You can Just Download It from the Internet

You do not always have to make your own checklist for resignation. You can just download it from the internet. Most of the files available on the internet are in PDF format. You will be able to easily make a few modifications if necessary by converting to Word first.

Use of the Resignation Checklist

There are many uses for the resignation checklist. The list will really help you prepare before leaving. Surely this list can help you to prepare an exit procedure that complies with the rules. You can also complete every important task until before you leave. This list can also help HRD to find new people in your place. In essence, this checklist has many benefits.

What Is Inside The Resignation Checklist?

You who are indeed intending to quit the current job must be very curious about what is in the checklist. Some information regarding the contents of the checklist will be seen below.

  1. Write About the Date When You Exit

It is better if you write in the checklist about the date when you will be out. This will help you prepare before you start quitting your current job. Make sure you can get out according to company procedures.

  1. Give a Pause a Few Days Before You Exit

When you leave, HRD will try to find a replacement for you, because there is a job desk that is not possible to give to others. Every person in the company already has their respective duties. Make sure you give enough time for the company to be able to find your right replacement. In essence, give time to the company to continue to run smoothly.

  1. Make a List of What Items You Need to Return to the Office

Almost every office worker gets a loan facility that supports your performance while in the office. For example, laptops, printers, etc. The more office equipment that is loaned to you, then you need to make a list of all of the equipment. Make sure you have enough time to collect all the equipment that the office lends you.

Step To Go Outside a Job

In addition to making a resignation checklist, you also need to do many things before leaving the job now. Some of these steps are collecting resignation letters, telling your boss that you will resign from your current job, and making sure you will get your latest salary along with employee benefits (if any).

Sample Student Employment Resignation Checklist Sample Director Resignation Checklist Template Sample Employee Resignation Checklist Template Sample Handover Resignation Checklist Template Sample HR Resignation Checklist Template

Now you know how important the resignation checklist template is. Make sure you have filled out the checklist completely, so you can fulfill all the standard procedures before exiting. This is very important for your career development in the future so that every job desk you have can be completed in accordance with the target time.

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