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4+ Residential Cleaning Checklist Templates

You build a startup correlating with the cleaning agents that come into the home customer so that you have to prepare the house cleaning checklist. This checklist should include the details of the work related to cleanliness. There are a bunch of references that you can sample to make the checklist. If you are busy, then you can download residential cleaning checklist templates on the internet.

Residential Cleaning Checklist Templates

What is House Cleaning Checklist?

Every time you recruit a cleaning agent, make sure you choose the right person. That person must definitely be diligent and who has a hobby of cleaning, because this will be very much about your startup’s face.

It can be said to ensure that they have done a complete cleaning job by looking at the house cleaning checklist. The definition of the House cleaning checklist is a checklist that contains details of cleaning work, which is usually divided by type of room.

What agents do you need?

When you start a startup in the world of cleaning agents, then you also have to provide equipment for all your agents. Not only in the form of a special protective apron but also other cleaning equipment, including stain removal germs or germs. All of this equipment will greatly affect the performance of your agents.

What’s in the House Cleaning Checklist?

If you are going to design your own checklist, then you need to know what details are needed. Surely the checklist will be divided into many sections according to room type. You need to see the following.

  1. Bathrooms

One of the lists of rooms that need to be detailed in terms of cleanliness is bathrooms. The checklist must state that there are attempts to clean dust surfaces, dust blinds, window sills, dust cabinets, door panels, baseboards, disinfect the surface, disinfect the toilets, disinfect the doorknobs, mirror mirrors, and so on.

You should also make a checklist to ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom from standing water on the floor by wiping it. Also, make sure you make a checklist of cleaning the trash in the bathrooms.

  1. Kitchen

For the kitchen, you need to make a list of what agents you need to clean. The checklist is about cleaning all tools from dust. Disinfect the sink, floor, and trash bin. You also need to make a list to take out the trash and also clean the inside of the microwave.

  1. Bedrooms

The checklist must contain a list of cleaning all surface tools and furniture from dust. Vacuum section carpets. If there is no carpet, then you can use a cloth to mop the floor. Change the bedsheets when consumers ask. Trim the mattress according to the direction of the consumer. Dispose of trash when there is trash in the bedrooms.

  1. Living Rooms

The checklist must contain a list of cleaning the entire surface of the furniture from dust and cloth using a special cloth. Clean the ceiling fans. Wipe the floor clean.

Several Types of Residential cleaning checklist templates

There are many types of checklists that you can get on the internet. Some of these types are usually divided into daily, weekly, or monthly. Usually, the choice of templates depends on consumer demand to clean their homes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Format House Cleaning Checklist that is Widely Available on the Internet

There are many types and features of a residential cleaning checklist template that you can choose from on the internet. However, most of the available formats are PDF and word. Surely this format can be easily opened and printed by all your employees.

Save Checklist Results Well

The result of the checklist made by your agent must be stored properly. This can be useful when dealing with customer complaints and to assess how well the performance of each agent. So this checklist is not only useful for making agents follow the cleanliness standards of the startup that you create.

Residential Cleaning Checklist Templates1 Residential Cleaning Checklist Templates2 Residential Cleaning Checklist Templates3

You must have understood how to make your own House Cleaning Checklist, right? When you are busy, you can just download the residential cleaning checklist templates keyword on the internet. There are many types of checklist that you can choose. You can spread this information for personal cleaning purposes for friends and family too.

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