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20+ Report Writing Format Template

Download Report Writing Format Template and How You Should Write It

In academic purposes writing becomes the part of students’ life. This includes the writing report which they should write an event, observation, etc in an objective way.

Monthly Report Format

Unlike an essay, report writing format doesn’t require the writer’s point of view. It simply discusses a specific topic in a structural way that you will always find it in sections: headings and subheadings. Interestingly, the report is not only used for academic purpose but also other things like business and technical aspects such as auctions. Besides, the purpose of report writing is to present facts about the project, process, and situation.

Therefore, to ease your work, we provide you report writing format template which you can download for free.

How To Make Report writing?

Preparation and Planning – First of all, you need to identify the audience. You can ask yourself several questions like:

– who will be the readers?

– the purpose of the report and why do you need to write it?

– what important information will you bring in the report?

After you identify the main questions, you can collect supporter information, sort it out and evaluate it. After that, make sure you gather the information and arrange it in the outline.

  • Formatting The Element of The Report – The formatting element is summarized below:
  • Title – if your report is short, you can fill the cover with the general information you think necessary to be included. Maybe you want to add a definition of terms or table of contents.
  • Summary – It includes the major points, recommendations, and conclusions. This should be written om short way.
  • Introduction – At the first page of the report, you need an introduction. In this section, you will explain the problem and information to the readers and the reasons why the report is made. It is important to write the definition of terms that include how the report is arranged as well as the title section.
  • Body – This is the main content of the report that needs to be written in plain English but includes technical terms. In this body of the report, there should be some sections and should be arranged structurally based on the order of importance.
  • Conclusion – Keep your writing from jargon because readers will read your summary and also the conclusion.
  • Recommendations – You can discuss any actions related to the issue you are bringing to the paper. Remember to use plain writing style and explain your recommendation.
  • Appendices – This gives information from the experts that give support to your conclusion.

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Apart from those rules, there are still many aspects you have to consider. It includes the font, writing tone and your content of course. A report should not reveal an opinion. It is more like a result of an observation rather than a view of a case. Besides, a report needs valid data and to be supported with credible sources from the previous research or experts’ writing. After all, without trying to intervene in the professionality of report writing, we provide you report writing format template that can ease your job and minimize you from missing some important details.

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