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9+ Report Sheet Template

Making a Custom and Useful Report Sheet Tutorials

When it comes to data, report sheet becomes something important and useful that will keep it in record. A report worksheet is normally merging cells providing date with various objects like images, tables, graphs, and others. Anyone can actually have their own report document. However, this kind of sheet is commonly used by those who are working in hospital.

Sample Report Cover Sheet Example

Various Kinds of Report Sheet Template

Nowadays, creating a report document can be so easy since there are many templates that you can easily download. You can just search on the internet, click download, and then you can freely customize it. As creating your own template, make sure you download and pick the correct templates. Here are some examples of report templates!

1.  Toddler Daily Report

Just like the adults, toddlers also have their own report. This one can be used by parents or nurse to monitor kids’ development. Toddler report normally consists at what time they get to sleep, how is the development, weight, height, meals, and other important things related to toddlers.

2.  Nurse Report

Nurse report sheet is commonly used by nurse to maintain the condition of patients. This sheet consist personal information of patient such as name, room number, surgical history, age, and others. Other important things that relate to patients’ health is also added on this sheet such as the blood pressure, respiratory, urinary, nerve, cardiovascular, and others for health monitoring and recording.

3.  Student Report

Student report is mostly used by teachers. This report provides the information about the students’ activity at school. A student report commonly shows all the subjects they learned and its scores. It also provides the percentage of their activity and attitude during learning and teaching activity.

4.  Shift and Handoff Report

Shift and handoff report is commonly used for certain professions such as nurse, doctor, cashiers, policemen, and others.  Shift report provides information name of employee, working time, day shift, day off, job description, and others.

5.  Reading report

As a book lover, make sure a reading report sheet is on your hands. This sheet can be very helpful to maintain your reading and record your reading activity. Just put everything you need on the sheet such as book title, highlighted pages, author, pages your read in a day, and others.

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Creating your own report sheet certainly can be very helpful to keep everything in record.  A report document allows you to see all data and information in more effective way. As creating your own sheet, make sure you pick the right one and custom it based on your profession and needs.

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