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10+ Rental Verification Form Template

Free Download Rental Verification Form You Should Have

What Is A Rental Verification Form?

A rental verification form is a document that can help the landlords and property managers to verify the history of an applicant. This becomes the critical aspect of the leasing process before they allow someone to lease their property. Usually, the rental verification process includes a phone call verification, background check including inspecting the rental history. Furthermore, a landlord or property manager is allowed to call the previous landlord to check the rental applicant background history.

Rental Lease Verification Form

How To Check A rental Applicant Background History?

Check Credit History

The background check is a crucial thing in leasing business which includes credit report during the last 7-10 years. It is allowed to see the history of financial stability whether someone is capable enough to rent a property. In this case, a landlord or property manager should look at the following things:

  • Late payments of bills or rent
  • Bankruptcies
  • Loans, bills or payments
  • Financial stability of the applicant
  • Low FICO score whether it is under 650 or not.

Criminal Check History

If you are running a leasing business, checking the criminal history is a must. We don’t know what the future hold, someone might get back to the old stuff. Be sure to check “most wanted database”, multi-state criminal background, national sex offender and so on. Today our society is prone to criminal that even some of them hide in some places. Maybe they are trying to reach your house. Just be careful.

Eviction History

Besides the financial stability and criminal history, make sure your tenant doesn’t have eviction history. Make sure the tenant reports include the unlawful detainers, tenant judgment for money and possession, failure to pay rent and warrants of eviction.

Always Check The References

Sometimes many property managers skip this step. Some points below need to be underlined so you can pick the right rental applicant.

  • Speaking with the last landlord or property manager.
  • Asking whether the tenant paid the rent on time or not to the landlord.
  • Asking whether the landlord whether there was destruction or not.
  • Asking the landlord if the tenant took care of the house very well.
  • Asking the landlords if they returned the deposit
  • Asking the landlords if they would accept the applicant as a tenant again or not.


So, the last step is doing an interview after you do all the verification process. It is much better to have a face-to-face interview and make sure you also follow the local laws about what you are allowed to ask. The following points will help you:

  • Ask whether the rental applicants have pets or not.
  • Ask the applicants whether they can afford the rent or not.
  • Ask them if they will pass the credit check or not.
  • Ask them why they leave their last place to live.
  • Ask them how many people will be living in your space.
  • Ask them when they will move to your place.

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To help you have a good checking note, we provide you rental verification form you can download for free on this page. The templates are available with many details such as the salary amount, position in the workplace and many more.

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