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7+ Remodeling Estimate

Free Download Printable Remodeling Estimate Template

Remodeling can be so scary because we are often overestimated. It can be the excess material left after renovation or vice versa. Sometimes it is so tricky to estimate the remodeling project. Therefore, we provide you remodeling estimate template.

bathroom remodeling estimate templates

Why Do You Need Remodeling Estimate?

A contractor always needs a plan to estimate the job. Even though we know that each estimate will be different in the real field. This is why planning a remodeling project needs a comprehensive estimation.

cost estimate remodeling property templates

For the homeowner, it is important to know the budget plan so in the end he/she will not get shocked because of over budgeting. This is also good to plan a better result because a homeowner will think and decide carefully and effectively.

Any contractor will use the remodeling estimate to win the bid. So, the key is on the detail. If it is written in a very detail way, the customer will understand the project well and it is also to save both of them from the dispute.

How To Write Remodeling Estimate?

Contact Information

So, the first thing to do when writing a project estimate is including the contact information. For a contractor, make sure the customer knows to whom they contact. This will also identify the project as well.

Project Summary & Plan

There are many details and task to be explained from lighting installation until plumbing. But you don’t need to write all of the stuff. You can sum up the plan such as how the project will be done. This is purposed to help the customer figure out how the project will be. Besides, discussing some issue will be so easier.

Payment Specifications

Letting the customer know the specification of the payment is good because this will clear up any issues. This is also done to make the customer aware of payment terms and conditions. Providing this information upfront will be so much helpful.


This is the most crucial parts in the remodeling estimate. A contractor needs o to write it very detail with miscellaneous items. The items would include:

  • Demolition – It is always the first thing to do when doing a remodeling project. You might need to hire subcontractor too to do cleaning after construction.
  • Testing – Testing is often done to the older homes to see whether there are toxic materials and things that damage the labors and homeowners.
  • Labor – Remodeling job needs expertise which is a very good idea to bid out the project.
  • Materials – It is about the items need to be purchased.
  • Additional plan – It is always needed to prepare an additional budget for unpredictable things.
  • Permission – You should be aware of the permits. This varies from cities to cities.
  • Guarantee of Work – Providing guarantees will assure the customer that they get what they already paid.

home remodeling estimate templates repair remodeling cost estimate templates residential remodeling estimate templates washroom remodel cost estimate basement remodeling estimate templates

Note that making the project estimate is not so tricky when you download our template. There are many formats you can use for free and also these are all customizable.

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