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10+ Reference Sheet Template

Simple Reference Sheet Template For Research Paper

When it comes to journal and thesis writing we normally deals with reference sheet template. The more quotations that are used on the journal, the more reference sheet that you will need. Reference sheet is commonly found on the last page of journal or research paper. A reference sheet should be added in order to avoid plagiarism, so you will not get into problem as using someone’s words, ideas, image, or data in your writing.

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What is reference sheet template?

Looking for template for your reference sheet? Do not worry because now you can found reference sheet template with a lot of formats, designs, and fonts. A reference sheet contains all the sources that you used in your paper, journal, or thesis. Besides avoiding from plagiarism, reference sheet is also used to make readers easily found the sources which are cited on the paper.

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Seeing from the common template, reference sheet normally designed in formal format. Since it is mostly used for academic purpose like essay, paper, or journal, reference sheet is basically written in formal style. However, as making reference sheet, there are several important things that need to be concerned.

Important Features on reference sheet template

  1. Name of Author

As reading a journal or paper, you certainly will found several names. When quoting someone’s words, ideas, or data, make sure to put their names on the reference sheet.  It is commonly written with its last name, a comma, first name, and period.

  1. Book / Article Title

When it comes to reference something, title is commonly written in italic. However, some format rules write it in plain text.

  1. Publication Date$

Publication date/s normally put after author name. You do not need to write in detail, since common reference sheet only put the publication year without adding month or date.

  1. Pages

The page number is basically written in number. Make sure to put the correct page, so the readers can locate it easily.

  1. Places and Publishers

Places on the reference sheet refer to the city where the book is published.  Meanwhile, publisher refers to the certain company or media that publish the book. Those are several things that needs to be listed on the references sheet.

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Adding reference sheet template on research paper is actually important. Not only showing all the sources, it also makes your writing reliable and supports credibility for all the arguments. There are a lot of templates for reference sheet that you can easily found on the internet. Now, you can just download and edit it based on your needs.

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