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5+ Real Estate Fact Sheet Template

Improve Your Business Growth with Real Estate Fact Sheet

Do you own a real estate agency? A real estate fact sheet surely becomes important thing that needs to be own. This fact sheet is very useful to provide all data and information related to real estate. Therefore, the potential investors or buyers can review the property easily without visiting it first. Today, you can just download the fact sheet and design it by your own for free!

Sample Real Estate Fund Fact Sheet Template

What should be list on Real Estate Fact Sheet?

Before creating your own fact sheet, make sure you know what things that needs to be added on the sheet. Basically, a real estate fact sheet contains all needed information about your real estate. This sheet is intended to inform the potential buyers about the property. Therefore, something like property details, price, agent phone number, and address become something that needs to be listed on your fact sheet.

Sample Sample Real Estate Fact Sheet Template

The function of fact sheet is not only to provide your property details, but also to advertise the property to potential buyers. Therefore, you need highlight several things such as price and property description to attract buyers. As writing the description, make sure to use interesting words. Moreover, showing the lowest price of your property can be a good idea to gain more potential buyers.

Creating Your Own Real Estate Fact Sheet

Today, a lot of property industries use

1.  Project Fact Sheet

A fact sheet can be used for any business project of your property. This kind of fact sheet normally provides basic information and details related to certain project. The contact information, outline of the project, funding information, and other related things are something that commonly put on the template.

2.  Fund Fact Sheet

Funding becomes another important thing in property business, so you can separate or make your own fact sheet for funding. Just like its name, this one tends to provide more details about the funding. All the funding details such as development charges, paid-up money, and other data related to real estate project must be included in this fact sheet.

3.  Property Fact Sheet

Just like the common property fact sheet, this one becomes the most often used fact sheet in property industry. This kind of fact sheet becomes the best solution to inform buyers and investors about the real estate constructional details. Strategic location, affordable prize, good amenities, and property description becomes the highlighted information on the sheet.

Real Estate Fact Sheet Template Sample Real Estate Fact Sheet Example Sample Real Estate Fact Sheet in PDF

So, what kind of real estate fact sheet that you need? These days, you can just easily download the fact sheet template and design it as you like. Adding real estate picture on the sheet can be the best choice. Therefore, the buyers can imagine how the real estate looks like.

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