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10+ Reading Log Sheet Template

Make Your Reading Activity Fun with Customize Reading Log Sheet

If you love reading and deciding to maintain your reading skill, then creating reading log sheet is the answer. It is quite helpful in keeping your reading activity in record. Besides, it could be the best way for parents or teacher to see the progress of children reading skill. Designing reading log is actually easy, you can just download the template and customize it as you like.

Sample New reading Log Sheet

Reading Log Sheet and Its Benefits

Reading log or also known as reading journal is an effective tool for book lovers. This will make your reading activity becomes organized and fun. Basically, reading log will help you maintaining your reading. You can simply know how many pages or what books that you already read. Even, you can customize it based on your needs to keep it on record.

Sample Partner Reading Log Sheet

Having reading log sheet actually gives you many benefits. It is not only helpful to record your reading activities, but you can also add important things such as the favourite scene, plot details, highlighted pages, and others.  It all depends on your preferences. You can freely customize the reading log content, so it can be more useful, fun, and enjoyable to see.

Besides providing many benefits for book lovers and active readers, reading log can be useful for teacher and parents as well. These days, several schools use reading log to record student’s reading skill and activity. Therefore, teacher can recognize and monitor the development of student reading proficiency. This also can be used to motivate them to read more books.

Steps to Create Your Own Reading Log Sheet

1.  Choose the template

Since buying a reading journal is quite expensive, now you can make your own reading log with simple way. You can just download the reading log template and customize it based on your needs. You can use the simple sheet or colourful one, so your reading habit can be more fun.

2.  Highlight important information

Since the main purpose of having reading log is to record reading activity, make sure you put important details on the sheet. You can simply add title, date, pages, or other important things. Otherwise, you can also add quotes, favourite scene, or author if it necessary.

Sample Reading Log Recording Sheet Sample Second Grade Reading Log Sheet Sample Student Reading Log Sheet Sample Summer Reading Log Sheet Template Sample 5th Grade Reading Log Sheet Sample Adult Reading Log Sheet Sample General Reading Log Sheet Sample Meter Reading Log Sheet

Using reading log sheet to monitoring and recording reading activity is truly efficient. However, as creating the reading log, make sure it contains all the needed details. Date and pages are two things that commonly added on the sheet. Also, always make sure to keep your reading log as simple as possible to avoid confusion.

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