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18+ Raffle Ticket Template Ideas to Bring More Customers and Profits

16 Raffle Ticket Template Ideas to Bring More Customers and Profits

Each people or an organization, of course, always think about how to increase the business. Usually, people use a raffle ticket to appeal to the customers. Follow them if you want to increase your business too. Therefore, start from the best raffle ticket template with an attractive design. Create a raffle ticket template with searching the design from the internet. It is better than you make it alone because it is more effective and efficient. The recent technology really helps you to have a good raffle ticket faster. So, change your mindset!

Baseball Raffle Ticket templatess

Examples of the Raffle Ticket Template Ideas

Here, you can see 16 raffle ticket template ideas such as:

  1. Pre-holiday raffle

The ticket in 2 X 5, 5 inches has two parts with the stripes as the delimiter. A smaller part is to collect your information such as the name, email, address, ID, and phone number. Meanwhile, the largest part to describe the gifts which the customers can get.

  1. Movie raffle ticket

The size is still similar to the previous design but does not ask your identity. It only explains the title of the movie, date, day, and the hour. Usually, the ticket is for the midnight hour.

  1. Barbeque raffle ticket

The form of the information is in portrait with the cost of the ticket, time, place, and the gift. Underneath, you can see the blanks for your identity and the lottery number.

  1. Christmas raffle ticket

The design of the template is similar to the barbeque ticket.

  1. A blank festival raffle ticket

It comes in A4 size with a bit complicated design.

  1. Cinema raffle ticket

The size is in A4 too with the cost of the ticket.

  1. Sports raffle ticket

It is usually simple with the grand prize to appeal to the participants. By the way, you need to write your name and another information on the ticket.

  1. Back to school ticket

It is quite unique and your students will be more spirit to study.

  1. Diapers raffle ticket

The ticket is suitable for moms who have a baby. They, of course, always need diapers for their baby. So, the gift will help her so much.

  1. Photography contest ticket

It is surely for you who are crazy toward photography.

  1. Christmas Giveaway raffle ticket

It is the most exciting gift for them who celebrate Christmas.

  1. Free blank raffle ticket
  2. Free BBQ raffle ticket
  3. Baseball raffle ticket
  4. Free raffle ticket
  5. Printable raffle ticket

Who needs the Template of the Raffle Ticket?

In fact, there are many parties that need the raffle ticket template. They are the businessman such as the owner of:

  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Event organizers
  • Private school
  • Travel Agents
  • Hotel

Competition in business is indeed very tight and hard. However, the raffle ticket is very effective to interest their customer. The customers feel happy because they feel get more service or bonus. Commonly, they will be the loyal customer after they get the gift. On the other hands, the owner of the business also gets more benefits. At least, they get more customers on the day of the lottery. They can also use the gift from the old stock on their store.

BBQ Raffle Ticket templatess Blank Raffle Ticket templatess Christmas Raffle Promo Ticket templatess Diapers Raffle Ticket templatess Photography Raffle Ticket templatess School Raffle Ticket templatess Sports Raffle Ticket templatess Barbeque Raffle Ticket templatess Blank Festival Ticket Christmas Raffle Ticket templatess Cinema ticket templatess Raffle Movie Ticket templatess raffle ticket templatess 1 788x509 1 raffle ticket templatess 2 788x682 1 raffle ticket templatess 4 788x557 1 raffle ticket templatess 31 788x794 1 Raffle Ticket templatess Life Jacket3 788x888 1 Raffle Ticket templatess

Okay, find the raffle ticket template which is editable and printable. Choose it which offer a free service too. Then, hold your more profits from your new customers.

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